Local NPC and CPPCC | Chengdu CPPCC Standing Committee Wang Chunsheng: chengdu optimization enterprise bankruptcy external soft environment continue to optimize the business environment

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From January 22 to 25, 2022, the fifth Session of the 15th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Chengdu was held.”Clearing out zombie enterprises means that a large number of occupied factor resources can be effectively released and transferred to high-quality enterprises with development potential, which is an important booster for improving the quality, expansion and efficiency of the economy.The most effective way to clear out ‘zombie enterprises’ is market-oriented and law-based bankruptcy.”, executive director of the standing committee of the Chinese people’s political consultative conference of chengdu, sichuan found law firm, bankruptcy administrator association of sichuan province wang in an interview with the China business news “reporter said, by way of bankruptcy liquidation backward production capacity is related to regional business environment and high quality economic development, and in addition to the internal factors such as the examination and approval power professional,The degree of public awareness and supporting policies are also important factors affecting the functional value of bankruptcy system, so it is suggested that Chengdu optimize the external soft environment of enterprise bankruptcy.”Handling bankruptcy” is an important indicator in the evaluation index system of business environment recognized by the World Bank, and the government’s accurate positioning and performance of duties in bankruptcy handling is an important guarantee for the smooth progress of market-oriented bankruptcy.”It has been proved that the earlier the establishment of bankruptcy mechanism starts and the better it does, the higher the local business environment index will be and the more dynamic the economy will be.”Wang chunsheng said the bankruptcy system is related to the high-quality development of the regional economy and is an inevitable requirement for optimizing the business environment.In several high-level policy documents, the establishment of an enterprise bankruptcy system in line with the modern economic system is an important measure to optimize the business environment.For example, on January 1, 2020, the Regulations on Optimizing the Business Environment promulgated by The State Council went into effect.Paragraph 2 of Article 33 of the Regulations clearly stipulates: local people’s governments at or above the county level shall, according to their needs, establish a coordination mechanism for the work of enterprise bankruptcy to coordinate and solve the relevant problems involved in the process of enterprise bankruptcy.Wang chunsheng said the regulation marks the gradual transformation of the “government-court coordination” mechanism from a case study in bankruptcy trials and a pilot trial in local areas to a mandatory requirement of legislation and administration in accordance with the law.In addition, on February 25, 2021, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Supreme People’s Court and other departments jointly issued, introduced “about driving and security administrator in bankruptcy proceedings in accordance with the law To further optimize the business environment of opinions “(hereinafter referred to as” opinions “), the copy of the “opinions” clear requirements to perfect the bankrupt system supporting policies,We will give better play to the role of the government in enterprise bankruptcy proceedings, and encourage and ensure that administrators perform their duties in accordance with the law.The Executive meeting of The State Council in February 2021 also made it clear that survival of the fittest is the normal image of a market economy.To improve the business environment, we need to speed up policy improvement and resolve the exit of bankrupt enterprises, especially micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.Wang chunsheng said that a large number of debtor enterprises did not enter bankruptcy proceedings in a timely manner, and their business risks were not discovered and exposed earlier through the market mechanism, which is prone to risk accumulation and trigger regional and systemic risks.At the same time, long-term losses, serious insolvency and delayed exit from the market of enterprises occupy a large number of resource factors, part of the development potential and salvage value of the distressed enterprises failed to obtain bankruptcy protection, are important factors affecting the healthy operation of enterprises and high-quality economic development.Optimizing the external soft environment of enterprise bankruptcy Wang Chunsheng believes that the important factors affecting the functional value of the bankruptcy system can be roughly divided into internal factors and external factors.The internal factors include the professionalization of the judicial force, the manager team and other professional practitioners themselves.External factors include public awareness, the establishment of “government-hospital coordination” mechanism, the formulation and implementation of supporting policies, and the implementation of administrator practice guarantee.Wang said, because the bankruptcy system on high quality business environment and economic development in the areas, but the parts of the chengdu government to establish relevant system still exist cognitive biases, normalized fu court has yet to establish coordination mechanism, form a complete set of policies and measures are still missing, so the optimized soft environment for enterprise bankruptcy outside of chengdu is urgent.”At present, Chengdu has initially set up a system in line with the law of bankruptcy trial, the manager team has developed and gradually expanded, but the social support system has not really established and effective operation, the soft environment for enterprise bankruptcy is still not optimistic.”Wang Chunsheng said that the number of corporate bankruptcy cases handled in Chengdu is far behind not only cities in developed coastal areas, but also chongqing municipality, which is also in the “twin cities economic circle”.The external soft environment of bankruptcy management is not good, the government has not paid enough attention to the implementation of bankruptcy law, the public has limited recognition of the value of bankruptcy system, the court is difficult to operate alone, and the administrator is difficult to do anything. All these have become the important factors that restrict the quality and efficiency of bankruptcy management and business environment optimization in Chengdu, and need to be solved urgently.Therefore, Wang Chunsheng suggested that Chengdu should identify the positioning of “judicial guidance of bankruptcy procedures, administrative support to solve the implementation of the bankruptcy law and bankruptcy derived social problems”, and make clear that the government has legal obligations to ensure the market-oriented implementation of the Enterprise Bankruptcy Law based on social management and public service functions.We will promptly establish a “government and people’s court coordination” mechanism for enterprise bankruptcy, so that the judicial and administrative powers can perform their respective duties and advance in a coordinated manner.Went bankrupt “common problems, chengdu should also speed up the exploration establishment of disposal, such as the bankruptcy of the municipal level and security stability, bankruptcy and job placement system and worker creditor’s rights guarantee, the investment promotion and capital introduction of bankruptcy and form a complete set of docking mechanism and so on, timely solve enterprise cancellation” bottleneck “, to get through elements configuration “intestinal obstruction”.”In order to optimize the external soft environment for enterprise bankruptcy, Chengdu should also implement supporting policies to remove managers’ concerns about performing their duties, and increase publicity efforts to eliminate public misunderstandings, Wang said.(Edited by Wang Jinlong, proofread by Zhai Jun)