Adjustment of several risk areas and containment areas in Baise Debao County, Guangxi

2022-04-24 0 By

Reporter from guangxi baise debao county COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control work leading group headquarters, the epidemic situation according to debao county, with the approval of the baise, debao county two level expert group review, and disposal joint command, baise XiangDeBao jingxi area outbreak epidemic prevention and control is reported to the headquarters, decision since February 25, 2022, 16,The following adjustments were made in Debao County: 1. Two medium-risk areas, Shanjintun, Fuji Village, Du ‘an Township, Debao County, and No. 25, Lane 2, Rongsheng, East Mengdong, Longsheng Community, Chengguan Town, were adjusted to low-risk areas.2. Remove the sealing and control management of the two sealing and control areas, Shanjintun, Fuji Village, Du ‘an Township and Duomaitun, Pona Village, Du ‘an Township.3. The four control areas, Dengxian Village of Dongling Town, Lane 1 to 3 of Rongsheng Street in Longsheng Community of Chengguan Town, the rented house at the back door of Thumb Kindergarten in the alley of Huaying Bookstore opposite experimental Primary School, and The Children’s Goods of Longsheng Community taoyuan Road, have been removed from control and management.Four, Du an town Fu Ji village Foot min tun, Bahe village Bahe tun, Du an village first platoon tun, Du an village street, Du an village late Jiangtun, Du an village Foot Bang tun, Du an village Yaozhuang tun, Linglei village Pozai tun 8 closed control area management is adjusted to control area management.5. The five control areas of Fuji Village, Bahe Village, Du ‘an Village, Linglei Village and Pona Village were adjusted to the management of prevention areas.Six, debao county city in addition to the centralization and control zone of other area, town west village village, yan yao township, town best beauty fair village, all AnXiang farmers chess village, all AnXiang SanGe Village AnXiang doeg, village, all AnXiang long dry village, all AnXiang LingWei village nine area to prevent lifting guard management, into the normalized management of epidemic prevention and control measures.(Media reporter Wang Jie) Original title: Guangxi Baise Debao county, a number of risk areas, closed control area adjustment