Guan Xiaotong can hold the catch, even if wearing “depressed black” also still jing Hong feeling, let a person want to see more

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Hello, everyone, I am BIU fashion, happy to share with you again star fashion and matching tips!I hope my article makes you more interested in fashion, so that you, who are good-looking, are more charming!In the daily collocation of the fashion industry, it is more important to choose some more elegant color, or better control of the color to give you collocation, so as to make their time to become more prominent.For example, when matching images, some black packaging styles will be used for decoration.Through such fashion collocation choices, can let their charm get more perfect embodiment, and will not let their fashion appears so grandiose.But as we all know, black itself is a more casual, and more ubiquitous color, if you want to show the charm through black fashion collocation, it is really very good-looking, and in many details.For example, when choosing black fashion collocation, we should add some more impressive clothes in the exercise. If you make your image look less like a student, then choose to use some light clothes to match.In this way, the fashion sense displayed will not be so grandiose, but also make yourself look hard. This is also a way of collocation selection, which is more conventional daily.For some royal sister style of the little sister, is more suitable for a kind of image.But if you want to make your image look more feminine, then don’t be casual in the choice of collocation, you can brew some senior dresses to handle in the collocation, so that your image becomes more perfect.And when choosing skirt, you can also add some sexy fashion elements to make the charm more perfect, which is also a pretty good classic collocation technique.Nevertheless such gimmick is to need a perfect figure to serve as support, otherwise the fashionable glamour that shows can appear all the more bloated.Black fashion collocation is also very important to choose the fashion sense is also very important in the black collocation charm, there are some more handsome image, this handsome fashion looks more casual simple, but really want to match out a more advanced fashion effect, but it is not so ubiquitous.For example, in the collocation of time to pay attention to their own internal choice.To achieve the perfect combination of masculinity and femininity, will let their neutral charm come out.When matching again, it is suggested to highlight the highlights of their own figure, so that the charm looks easy to accept, but also not so grandiose image.Material selection should pay attention to how to let oneself to say black heavy charm looks different, then to choose to use some different with black, and is also a good coordination fashion elements, such as black and sequins, this itself is two kinds of disparate elements, but as long as use together, will make their overall sense of fashion.It has the same glittering effect as the Milky Way, which is also a visual sense that many girls want to achieve most.Use this color or sparkly sequins to flatter your curves and give you a dark princess look, so it’s a great outfit.Of course, the choice of retro lace is also good in the black collocation. However, this kind of lace will have a rustic feeling if it is not well handled sometimes, so it is not recommended to use this kind of lace in a large area.The effect that serves as ornament commonly, perhaps it is small area apply, had better be the choice of monolayer, the bud silk feeling that just can let oneself looks more full of glamour, also can let oneself fashionable become.Well, that’s it for this episode.Remember to follow BIU Fashion for more fashion matching tips.If you have more on this episode, feel free to share with BiU Fashion in the comments section.Don’t forget to like and bookmark this episode if it gives you some practical inspiration and we’ll see you next time.