Lai God peak game high branch play wild, one hand tiger teammates doubt!God intentionally cheated his teammates

2022-04-24 0 By

In Honor of Kings, S26 season has just started, followed by a series of events such as the New Year.But many anchors in order to make players change in S26 season, but also tried all ways to break through the comfort zone, such as North Mu na Ke Lulu hit the country 1, Kejie peak game into the top ten, and just in the latest game peak game high branch, Lai God playing tiger.The score after the game was also amazing.It can be seen that Lai God boldly tried to play wild tiger in this game, it can be seen that Lai God tiger only win rate of 42, when teammates and Lai God want to exchange heroes, Lai God also said not to change with him, he will see S26 season playing wild environment in this game.But you know, Lai God hasn’t played wild for a long time, in the top game of such a high division, playing tiger is really a bit inappropriate.This game lai God early brush wild or can, but has not dared to boldly try to invade, control the dragon, that is, although their own development can also, but the planning and operation of some problems, did not grasp the tiger’s smooth rhythm and early offensive advantage.The correct tiger play should be in the early stage, it is necessary to use the hero strong, with auxiliary or walk on the road, can roll up the team snowball.God can’t operation, the medium-term acutely may be a long time no playing field, or the tiger the proficiency of the hero is not so high, so the operation is some deformation, 32 minutes, lai tiger god only one head in the rhythm of the early, even afraid to touch the wild area, then in a slow death.Then, god also said he served really, really this bureau played not so good, although the early always in his brush wild wild area, but failed to hit the tiger early rhythm, liberation road, coupled with the resources control dragon, at least in the medium term should forward some advantage, but clearly this god did not dare to operate, also dare not to invade, team eventually chronic death,I guess God doesn’t want to play with tigers anymore.After the game, also can see the bureau of god should be a top game playing 2100 games and their large size, but such a high score, if fill a should consult and teammates, in the end is sad to lose the game, god’s score is the lowest, this tiger is very exquisite, after all the former head of doing things, lai some dare not god.Personal view: the bureau of lai god chose play wild tigers, did some pit teammates, after all, god haven’t how recently played tiger hero, really not line, lack of stability control, lai god can pick one version of the answer, the ancient one, members of the organization is that tiger meng, ultimately with no rhythm, has been in a passive and lost the game.