Old house “add elevator” cause controversy?Here comes the “new rule,” and now we’re done

2022-04-24 0 By

Nowadays, there are very few places in China to implement the shantytown reform policy. Only in some special cases will the shantytown reform policy be continued and replaced by the old reform policy.There are still a lot of old residential areas in Our country, living in these residential areas are often some of the elderly, in this case, it is necessary to carry out renovation of the old residential area, can improve the safety and comfort of the living environment.And the installation of the elevator, became the most controversial one thing, at this time a “new regulation” arrived, so that the owners of each floor have no opinion, that is to implement the “shared elevator”.Before the renovation, many Chinese people had dreamed of “installing elevators” in old houses, which meant that people could move into new houses in exchange for huge financial compensation through demolition.In the past, China has very high requirements for urbanization, so shantytown reform is indeed relatively common, but later, the country’s urbanization has begun to take shape, the demand for shantytown reform has decreased.In this case, the state put forward the policy of old reform, that is, to transform some old communities, so that the comfort and safety of the old community can be improved to a certain extent, the cost of this way is relatively low, processing is also more convenient and fast.In the old community renovation process, one thing has always been controversial, that is, the installation of elevators.When these houses were built before, they were all six stories high, and many of them were young people, so they were always stairs, which did not affect people’s life.But over time, many of the residents are elderly, and it’s ok if they live on a lower floor, but it’s hard to get up and down every day if they live on a higher floor.And even if they take the stairs, safety can not be guaranteed, after all, the elderly are not very agile, accidents are not impossible.Under such circumstances, it is necessary to install an elevator.The “new regulations” have come, it is no problem except that the installation of the elevator is a huge investment, and for low-rise residents, they do not need the elevator at all, and even after the installation of the elevator, it will affect the lighting of their house and so on.Plus, these houses aren’t programmed to have elevators, so adding elevators raises safety concerns.Of course, the most important thing is the allocation of funds, some people have proposed to allocate funds according to the floor, but for people living in the high-rise, they are certainly not willing to come out with hundreds of thousands of yuan to install the elevator, especially for the elderly, they do not have such economic strength.Finally, a new rule came along, and everyone was fine with it. It was called “shared elevator.”Residents on all floors do not have to pay for the installation of the elevator, all the funds are borne by a third party, and people can still enjoy the services brought by the elevator.Of course, people are not a little do not need to pay, or people need to bear a certain cost, that is, when taking the elevator, you need to swipe the card to take, the price of each ride, according to the different floors to set.And people can also get a monthly, seasonal or annual pass, which may have different benefits.In the face of such a policy, people have finally agreed, at present, many old residential areas in the country have implemented this policy, and everyone is more welcome to it.This also shows that sharing economy is indeed an amazing invention in today’s era, which facilitates many things in People’s Daily life. It is also unexpected that sharing economy can be applied to this aspect.