Shenyang Red Cross Hospital: the most beautiful guardian warms thousands of people

2022-04-24 0 By

Guarantee not absent, epidemic prevention is not loosened, for the peace of China to stick to……When the Spring Festival comes, when every family is decorated with lanterns gather together happily, when take charge of people happily eat dinner on New Year’s Eve, there is always a group of people, they gave up to reunite with their loved ones, silently stick to their duties in thinking affection, become “the most beautiful left-behind”, escort for the health of the people.On New Year’s Eve, fang Man, a pediatrician at Shenyang Red Cross Hospital, arrived at the hospital early.”Happy New Year!Children “room doctor side kindly with small children and parents to say hello, while taking out a stethoscope, listen to the children’s heart and lung, satisfied to say:” much better!See, listen to the doctor aunt, the virus will run away!”Parents in the side also smiled comfortably.There are many medical workers who stay with patients during the holidays.Dr. Fang Man said: “Before and after the Spring Festival climate change, children eat, wear clothes a little attention, it is easy to get sick, this stage to see a fever, cold, diarrhea of children.I understand that parents are distressed and anxious.To give parents peace of mind, we are there where they need us.””Mom, can you not go to work?I want you to paste Spring Festival couplets with me.”This is what nurse Shi Shuping’s daughter said to her before she went out.Every time at this time, Shi Shuping will feel guilty to her daughter, in her daughter needs her company, she can only appease her daughter, turned to accompany her in the hospital more need of small children.”When I see the patient safe and healthy and the parents’ smiles thanks to the joint efforts of the medical staff, I think all the efforts are worth it. This is the best New Year gift.”The choice of the white clothes, the choice of dedication.This is shenyang Red Cross hospital lofty feelings of their true portrayal.Thanks to “the most beautiful left-behind”, thanks to their warm heart stick, their pay to protect the warm year of ten million small family!Source: Shenyang Red Cross Hospital