Sunrise: Little Thing did everything she could not to be Tracy!

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Chen Bailu is the classic TV drama “Sunrise” in the heroine, she found a 14-year-old girl in the Hotel suite, thin small dirty, afraid of being “they” dozen, afraid of being “they” with cigarette stick, begged Chen Bailu “miss good, save me!”Xiao Xiao, the most insignificant person in the play, did not even have a name. Chen Bailu took pity on her and called her Xiao Xiao and wanted to have her as his dry daughter.In fact, she suffered many hardships, and could not escape the miserable experience of the bottom women in the old era.1. Why did my father get stoned to death?When Little Thing appeared, she came from the country to the city to see her father. Her mother was sick and dead, and her father was working on a construction site.”If only my father were here, my father is so strong. My father can beat black Three to death. How can my father be killed by a big rock?”This doubt, it is “little thing” arrived treasure and bottom place finally, with her “old sister” cui Xi say, treasure and bottom place is a bastard by the place, cui Xi of course is a perennial open here “three girls”, “little thing” it is new, would rather be every day by boss black 3 beat, also do not agree with fan.Although her mother died, her father still earned a wage. She lived in her grandfather’s house, which sold oil paintings. She went to the construction site every day to send food to her father, and the rest of the time to learn painting with his grandfather.If she had grown up normally, and if nothing had happened to her father, Little Thing could have followed her grandfather and become a craftsman, earning her own living.This is her best ending in that era, but that stone hit her father, is the meaning of black three, but also the meaning of the contractor, because “Gold eight ye like small”.”Little thing” to the end did not expect, she jumped to her father to send rice, into those bad people’s “eyes”, so that she became a “gift” to “Gold eight ye”.2, I know you, you’re from The Hende hotel!”Little thing” refused to comply with “Jin Ba Ye” there, so he fled to the Heng De Hotel and fled to Chen Bailu’s suite.Chen Bailu pity this whole body is injured “little thing”, take her down, even in the black three belt people search time, his lover Pan fourth uncle moved out to do shield.The image of “little thing”, like the unpolluted Chen Bailu, is fully protected by Miss Chen, who thoughtfully reminds “little thing” : Do not go out when I am not in the room!If “little thing” is really safe to do Chen Bailu’s dry daughter, it is probably the greatest blessing in her fate, because Chen Bailu pity the past that pure and flawless himself, will treat her well.But Chen Bailu himself does not have the ability to protect “little thing”, because she is a social butterfly that relies on people to provide for, in the eyes of wang Fusheng of tea house, a Chen Bailu that relies on Pan Fourth master to live, the black three that can bring benefits to Wang Fusheng at all, and the “gold eight master” behind him.”I know you, Wang, Ba, ye, you are from The Hengde Hotel!”In “treasure and lower place”, see a guest together with cuixi — gu eight grandma little boyfriend “hu four” of “little thing”, ruthlessly to with wang Fusheng said this sentence, she will not forget, is this person cheated her out of the room, saying miss Chen to find her, she finally entered the long third cousin.With the bottom, men are still full of malicious to women, “little thing” in The eyes of Wang Fusheng, not a child, is can be used to make a little money and keep their own work chips, Hu Four is the same, he is gu eight grandma “male pet”, also want to the bottom of the women “for the first time” to plunder.And “little thing” to Wang Fusheng hate, he pushed her into the abyss.3. Is there a time when sin is enough?Enough?It’s not enough!”Little thing” arrived at the bottom of bao and finally had a name, called “small cui”, and her roommate called cui Xi, holding the baby to earn a family of five miscellaneous noodles to eat.Compared with Chen Bailu hope to give “little thing” a stable life, emerald green happy old sister’s idea is realistic ground much, she is right “little thing” say this is why bitter, one day a guest did not connect, one day get boss black trinity evil beat.”Little thing” unwillingly top 1, sin also have enough time!Trish said contemptuously, enough?It’s not enough!Cui Xi old sister hard to persuade “little thing”, who is not a child of mom and dad to feed, as a baby pain?But when she grew up, she had to be a parent. Sooner or later, she would die of exhaustion for her family, burying a mat and a roll in the field.But “little thing” is different, there is hope, when the time comes to like a proper person, from the good, give birth to a big fat boy, not happy for a lifetime?So now there’s no need to get angry with black and get beaten for nothing!But what are the chances that a “little thing” will “fall in love with the right people, be good again, and have a big fat boy”?In those old days, almost none.Cui Xi himself is to have a “duty man”, ability does not have temper not small, an old child recant her to feed, to her again “stem dirty deeds” scold is endless.Little Thing didn’t want to be Trish. She said, “Beat me to death!”Perhaps she should have been spared, but along the way, in order to pull her into the water, the vicious society had made her experience too much:Lost the close father that can feed her to be brought up originally, escape not covetous of her young age “gold eight ye”, refuse to betray oneself give “hu 4” and by long 3 cousin boss black 3 dozen, be pressed by this heartless society to numb “good elder sister” advised throw face away……”Little thing” was so young that she could do nothing. Hanging herself was her final pride that she did not want to yield. Although she was poor and helpless, she did not want to be bullied by the society to degenerate.When Trish cried beside her, “Trish, why did you go away, my silly sister?”With her seemingly incomprehensible behavior, Little Thing tells the world that she doesn’t want to be the next Trish, and that she has struggled to break free.What do you think of the personality of this lonely little thing?Whether appreciate her although poor, as the bottom of the female, but do not want to be dominated by the fate of that pride?It’s sad that Trish has to sacrifice herself and be abused and still feed her family, don’t you think?Leave a comment in the comments section.