Without thought, a painter is nothing

2022-04-24 0 By

If a writer or painter, always struggle with writing, pen and ink, always talk, in writing, the ink itself, but not on the individual and the connotation of the work as a whole, the ideological content, can definitely say that he is not a high level, high realm, also was destined to become a real people.But in reality, often appear similar to the phenomenon of putting the cart before the horse, examples showing off writing, playing with pen and ink, and even some of the writers and artists, will all as writing, painting, writing, ink and fundamental, pile too much rhetoric, business forms, and ignoring the ideological content, the extraction and expression of affective aspects;They only know “how to paint”, but do not know exactly “what to paint”, “why to paint”, “where is the function and significance of painting” and other problems.Just like the soldiers on the battlefield, they can’t just shoot and kill blindly, but don’t know what they are fighting for, what they are bleeding for, and what the purpose of the war is. This is a very sad thing, and also a show of disrespect for their own lives.Moreover, literary and artistic works need to pay more attention to the expression of the creator’s individual will.Therefore, we must be clear that the most important thing for an article or a painting is the presentation of ideas, the author’s opinions, opinions, cognition and emotions, which are the most critical and core elements.Nothing article, even if the inside of the text again how beautiful, rhetoric again how gorgeous, decorated again how smart, also is flashy, frivolous, even the performance of the moan, absolutely not a really good article.