Bile fat!Haikou a man was arrested for assaulting police, drunk driving

2022-04-25 0 By

At 23:00 on February 11, 2022, haikou Public Security Traffic Police command center issued an instruction, saying that a driver with license plate number qiongCY4 **6 was suspected of drunk driving in Jinyinlong Hotel section of Longhua District, Haikou City. Police nearby were requested to be on the scene immediately for disposal.After receiving instructions, Haikou public Security traffic police longhua brigade patrol police Su Qinggao and area police station immediately rushed to the scene.The driver was found to smell of alcohol and was already delirious. A breathalyzer was used on the scene for breathalyzer.But the drivers don’t cooperate with blowing testing for many times, and take the way of assaulting a police officer seriously hinder the police law enforcement, the scene immediately take control measures, the duty police brought the blood tests to professional appraisal agencies, the results showed that as a whole (male, 41, shandong jiaxiang person) of ethanol content in blood concentration of 188 mg / 100 ml, belong to drunk driving motor vehicle.After investigation, at about 22 o ‘clock that night, Ren mouquan and friends in Haikou City Qiongshan District Coconut Sea Avenue a restaurant to eat and drink after the end of the call on behalf of the driving back to the longhua district Wutong Road some community home.However, ren questioned the surrogate driver’s detour, beat him and drove him out of the car, then drove to the east Railway Station near the Jinyin Dragon Hotel road, because of his drinking and driving on the wrong side of the road, illegal parking, was reported by the public.At present, Ren Mou Quan for suspected assault police, dangerous driving two charges have been taken by the police criminal detention compulsory measures, the case is further investigation and processing.Haikou public security traffic police to remind the majority of motor vehicle drivers: driving should consciously abide by the law, drunk driving is prohibited.When the police are on duty, they should actively cooperate with the police. Do not obstruct the law enforcement or attack the police. Otherwise, they will be severely punished.