Equilibrium problem of roots fan impeller

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Dynamic balancing problems and methods of the fan impeller i. The main reasons for the impeller type without balance difficulties. The impeller is using a small impeller without balance, which can easily share out 2 types: the wear of the impeller and the adhesion of the impeller.These two situations are related to the dust removal installation in front of the induced draft fan. Dry dust removal installation causes the impeller to have no balance mainly due to wear, while wet dust removal installation reflects the impeller to have no balance mainly due to sticking.It is described as follows (the same below).1. Although the wear of the impeller dry dust removal installation can remove the vast majority of the large fine dirt in the flue gas, but a few large fine particles and very much fine dirt particles accompanied by high temperature, fast flue gas once through the induced draft fan, so that the blade passion a continuous washing brush.Long before this, blade-like wear is happening at the blade weakness.Because this kind of wear is no principle, so caused by the impeller is not balanced.In addition, the impeller inside the temperature is very easy to compound, to generate a thick compound skin.Some of the composite skin and the impeller inside the contact force is not equal, some of the composite skin by jitter or centripetal force will fade, which is also caused by the impeller without balance.2.The sticking point of the impeller is wet dust removal installation (Venturi water film dust remover). The moisture level of the filtered flue gas is extremely wide, and the unremoved dirt fine particles are extremely small, but the viscosity is extremely wide.When they pass through the induced draft fan, the effect of the current gas voltage will be rubbed on the non-task surface of the blade with extreme shadow, especially at the exit of the non-task surface and at the mouth, serious fouling is formed and gradually thickened.When part of the black bone disappears under the action of centripetal force and jitter, the balance of the impeller is protected and all the induced draft fan can shake.2, the solution to the impeller without balance 1.The method to solve the impeller wear caused by dry dust removal of the impeller wear, in addition to the promotion of dust removal function, the most useful method is to promote the wear resistance of the impeller.Later, this position match, naive approach is the thermal spraying technique, use special way to both wear-resisting, high temperature resistant ceramic non-metallic or make such information into high temperature and fast fundamental particles, spraying to impeller blade, a layer of information than impeller itself wear-resisting, high temperature resistant and composite quality much higher super coat.This can weaken the protection of the dynamic balance of the impeller caused by wear, and also weaken the balance difficulty caused by the composite layer.When selecting induced draft fan, dry dust removal should be first selected after thermal spraying scheduling impeller.In use, once the impeller is overheated spraying scheduling, it can be considered to perform thermal spraying scheduling for the impeller when it is configured and repaired.Although this will increase the innovation of the impeller or allow the repair cost, but it can promote the life of the impeller L ~ 2 times, increase the overhaul cycle of the induced draft fan.And then down the induced draft fan and all to create the operation of the system, the total competition with very good.2.Solution to the impeller sticking method (1) spray in addition to sticking: this is a rare method of sticking, spray mountain system installed in the induced draft fan housing, by the channel, 3 oil slick (1 in the impeller chide,2 in the exit) and dewatering hole formation.The water source flow is normal water, the pressure is about 0.3mpa.Such methods are normal and (HaiShi) useful.The disadvantage is that it takes a long Time to remove the sticking point every Time it is shut down, and it needs to perform the sticking point several times every thirty days.Abnormal use of the reaction unit.(2) Low pressure gas removal: The system is similar to the spout system, but its channel is low pressure resistant channel, common oil slick and low pressure gas source.This kind of installation is extremely useful for removing residual damage of blade. It can be used to drop bombs when the induced draft fan is malformed and shut down, and start the low-pressure air source. It only takes ten seconds to finish removing residual damage.Due to the difficulty and convenience of mastering, OneDay can be performed many times, not only solve the difficulty of artificial removal of sticking and labor, but also obviously land the building cost of all the crew.The difficulty is whether the user can have a natural low-pressure air source (the pressure is 0.8 ~ 1.5mpa at both ends, you can use air or nitrogen to reduce the atmosphere), if not, you need to use the public high compression small machine configuration.