Han Jianzhong, a famous martial artist, was born in jianghu

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Mr. Han Jianzhong, Martial artist I always believe that the real rivers and lakes are in people’s hearts. How big the heart is, how big the rivers and lakes are.The name jianghu was first put forward by Zhuangzi, from “Zhuangzi · Grand Master”, the original sentence is “spring dry, fish and fish everywhere on the land, each other, better to forget in the jianghu”.Zhuangzi has always expounded the mysterious truth in the form of allegory, which can be said to be every inch of gold.Rivers and lakes are neither streams nor oceans.The reason is not a stream, because the stream can not accommodate more, more crystal clear gurgling water feeling, people can not bear to see its turbidness;It was not the sea, because the sea was vast, turbulent, and unfathomable, and you could only stand in awe of it.Only the word jianghu can truly express the human situation and cover a special cultural phenomenon.The river has the stream meaningful and long and pentium potential, as well as silt mixed dangerous survival of the water;The lake has in it the deep and infinite life of the sea.The sorrow of the world lies in rivers and lakes.Gu Long in his wuxia novel borrow Yan Shisan said: where there are people is all corners of the country, people in all corners of the country, involuntarily.He painted the rivers and lakes very helpless.What is jianghu?The world and enmity are rivers and lakes.Because as long as there are people, there are grievances, just as there are one thousand Hamlet for one thousand readers, there are one thousand rivers and lakes in one thousand people’s hearts.More deeply, in the minds of Chinese people, rivers and lakes have long become a concept with unique cultural connotations.Hermits in ancient China were often associated with politics, which can be roughly divided into two types: those who retired to rivers and lakes because they could not join the imperial court and officialdom, and those who did not want to be bound by real politics;The former is basically a Confucian hermit, while the latter is basically a Taoist hermit.They were all intellectuals of the orthodox society, belonging to the so-called ‘scholar’ class.Therefore, no matter how reclusive the hermit is, the mountain forest is still a part of the normal society, and seclusion is only a state of their life. It can be said that this state of birth, as opposed to entering the wto, is also a river’s lake.Real runescape, it refers to the orthodox social relative to a society, the society does not necessarily have the organization form of complete reunification of the legal norm, fixed, but it has all kinds of characters, a variety of genres, relatively stable rules and moral principles, as well as so-called “dew” eight strange language,Then together constitute the lake this is full of mysterious color of the strange world.The world is no longer a region, and it is impossible to find rivers and lakes in terms of region. Rivers and lakes share a region with normal society, that is, China, the vast land. Rivers and lakes can become an independent field, because it is a secret culture that ordinary people cannot understand.Through this secret culture, rivers and lakes can be hidden in normal society. Some people tell me that officialdom is the most typical rivers and lakes. I don’t deny that.Isn’t it also a secret culture that has been practiced in officialdom for thousands of years to seek power, seize power and secure it?There are books to prove that the “amulet” in “Calabash Monk Judge calabash Case” in a Dream of Red Mansions is actually a protective amulet for officials.These secret cultures can be regarded as corrupt culture and cultural garbage.But the culture of corruption can also take root in China.Look at me, I’ve got a connection between quack and culture.Rivers and lakes and culture are originally two words reflecting natural disciplines and humanities, but I think that any knowledge should be people-oriented knowledge, especially the purpose of CCTV Wulin conference is in line with the spirit of traditional folk original.Think of the long history of jianghu culture, and then take it is that it can quickly communicate with each other’s unfamiliar hearts and distant emotions…Maya Maya is a myth created by humans.How much heart, how much river’s lake.