Many places have been notified to postpone the start of school by staggered peak. Nucleic acid negative proof is required for returning to school

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China News Network Beijing, February 16Ren jing: Recently, due to the spread of the epidemic, many places have issued notices to postpone the start of school and return to school at the wrong peak.In some areas, teachers and students are required to return to school with a negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours. In other areas, regular nucleic acid tests will be carried out in the new semester to normalize nucleic acid tests.Soochow University issued a postponement notice to return to school.Affected by the epidemic, some regions in Guangxi, Fujian, Henan and Jiangsu have issued notices requiring the new semester to be postponed, offline courses to be switched online and schools to return in batches.For example, schools at all levels and of all types in Baise, Guangxi, have postponed their opening.According to an urgent notice on returning to school for the 2022 spring semester issued by Guangxi zhuang Autonomous Region, schools at all levels and of all types in Baise city have postponed the opening of their schools.Before the new term begins, schools at all levels and of all kinds are not allowed to organize students to return to school, and are not allowed to organize any form of offline intensive teaching activities, group activities and training activities. Meanwhile, schools should provide online teaching services.Other districts and schools outside Baise are not allowed to organize students to return to school earlier than Feb 20.In addition, the city’s primary and secondary schools, kindergartens have also suspended the opening of online learning at home.Soochow University and Soochow University of Science and Technology have also issued a notice to clarify that students will postpone their return to school for the spring semester, and the specific time will be announced later.Both schools started online teaching on Feb 21.A number of universities in Beijing have also released arrangements for the opening and return of the spring semester in 2022, explicitly delaying the return time of students, and organizing students to return to school in batches according to the principle of “staggered and batch, staggered time and peak”.Some universities, such as Beijing University of Technology, Beijing Normal University and University of Science and Technology Beijing, will open on February 21 (Monday) according to the original school calendar and class schedule. Students will take online courses.Beijing Language and Culture University, University of International Business and Economics, and Beijing Jiaotong University have announced that they will start online classes on Monday, February 28.File photo: Students queue up for nucleic acid test.Nucleic acid tests have been normalized to ensure the safety of school reopening. Many places have deployed nucleic acid tests after school reopening, and the Ministry of Education has issued a notice recently, requiring local education departments and colleges to carry out nucleic acid tests for all teachers, students and staff on a regular basis or in a certain proportion.According to the Novel Coronavirus Nucleic acid Sampling Plan for Teachers, Students and Staff of Schools in Ningxia issued on Thursday, starting from the spring semester of 2022, all counties, cities and districts will organize the first round of sampling as soon as possible according to the opening conditions of schools in their districts. Thereafter, tests will be carried out once a month, and test results will be submitted in a timely manner.When the epidemic situation is complicated, the frequency of sampling tests can be increased.When the spring and autumn semester starts each year, teachers, students and staff who have traveled abroad 14 days before returning to school must submit negative nucleic acid test report within 48 hours before returning to school before applying for admission to school to prevent the importation and spread of epidemic disease on campus.In addition, the Hainan Education Department also issued a notice requiring nucleic acid tests of teachers and students to be included in regular sampling tests, and the first sampling test should be completed within two weeks of the new semester.At the local level, some areas require returning teachers and students to provide nucleic acid tests within 48 hours.For example, the Education Bureau of Lu ‘an city in Anhui Province issued a notice requiring students and staff of all kinds of schools in the city to take nucleic acid tests before returning to school, and the staff should complete sampling tests within 48 hours before returning to school.Zhengzhou, Xinxiang, Jiaozuo, anyang and other cities in Henan province also issued a notice requiring teachers and students at all levels to return to school with a 48-hour nucleic acid test negative certificate. Anyang further clarified that health monitoring will be conducted every day after school starts and nucleic acid tests will be carried out once a week.File photo: Students queue up for nucleic acid tests.Lu Cuilin photo beware of delayed school fraud with the extension of school, many schools offline transfer to online, there are some criminals also aimed at this “opportunity”, began to fraud.Earlier, the police in Ningbo, Nanning and other places found in the process of law enforcement that someone posing as a class teacher, teachers into the class QQ group, wechat group, under the pretext of “COVID-19 postponed school”, “online tuition fees, materials fees” and other reasons to carry out fraud.According to the police, the criminals into the group, will use the class group real name system characteristics, identify group members, modify the group name card disguised as a classmate’s parents, download the teacher’s group profile picture, in the release of fraud information before setting the same teacher’s profile picture and group name.After a period of observation, on the basis of being familiar with the teachers’ living rules and speaking habits, the criminals will issue false payment notices, requiring parents to collect tuition fees and training fees by scanning the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code. The criminals will also require parents to upload payment vouchers to reduce their vigilance, resulting in group fraud.In addition, during the epidemic period, most schools communicate various notices and teaching tasks through classes and groups, and the superimposition of information transmission in a short period of time also makes parents easy to relax their vigilance.Students, parents, please sharpen your eyes, beware of being cheated.(Source: