The woman blind date takes 20 relatives to go with, the man shuts down to leave, the woman helplessly lets everybody share

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When it comes to blind dates, I believe everyone is familiar with them. Many people meet their partners through blind dates, and eventually get married and have children.However, it is not easy to meet the right person at the first blind date. Many blind dates are very difficult to meet.Constantly refresh our three views.Recently, a woman took more than 20 relatives of the whole family to blind date, because the family conditions of the blind date object is very good, the woman called the test man measure, greeted the whole family relatives together.I thought it was a blind date between two people, so it had been agreed before the blind date that the man would treat me without AA.As a result, the whole family arrived, which was a big surprise for the man, but he was still a gentleman and invited everyone to dinner.However, during this process, the woman’s relatives not only ate but also took a lot of expensive cigarettes and alcohol, which cost 19,800 yuan in total. The man was not used to listening to it, so he directly turned off his cell phone and left. Finally, the woman paid the bill by herself.What’s more interesting is that the woman said she wanted to invite everyone to dinner, but since the man didn’t pay, she said she couldn’t afford it and asked everyone to split the bill.See here I want to laugh, it is really smart by mistake, not with a good heart, and finally pit yourself.The man’s approach is really too relieved.Now many blind dates will have men or women take advantage of the situation, ordered a table of expensive things, they do not spend a penny, blind date no results, the feeling is holding the psychological advantage to go.People like that need to be treated like this boy.People go on blind dates through introductions, and I think it’s normal for two people to pay half and half before the relationship is confirmed.Of course, if the other party is a special gentleman and asks for a treat, it can be accepted if it is difficult to refuse, but it is necessary to consider the other party’s ability range and not to order too expensive things.Finally, I found that blind date is also very necessary, all of a sudden can see what kind of person the other party is.