Capital chaos escalates!”Beautiful scenery line” spread across Canada, zhao Lijian’s Twitter went viral

2022-04-26 0 By

In “storm” in 2019 in Hong Kong, western politicians have demonstrations will be in Hong Kong called “beautiful beautiful scenery line, and in recent days, Canada also appeared a beautiful beautiful scenery line, also raced around the Canadian national, but this time round, the mob demonstrations had supported Hong Kong Canadian politicians don’t feel how” beautiful “.Comprehensive CCTV news media reports, in late January, Canada’s capital, Ottawa, an outbreak of “free” team demonstrations, downtown Ottawa was against the government’s new crown and epidemic prevention stipulated by the truck driver, Canadian park avenue in front of the parliament and the prime minister’s office once there are more than 4000 trucks, and as time goes on, the mounting protests,Chaos continues to escalate in Ottawa.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared a state of emergency after two weeks of protests that rocked Ottawa and spread across the country.According to CCTV news, On February 14, local time, Trudeau held a press conference, announced that the Federal government of Canada has decided to invoke the state of emergency law to deal with the current protests, to solve the problem of port closures.It’s the first time the Canadian government has used the law, which allows it to temporarily use a range of tough measures such as restricting free movement and assembly, cutting off access to finance and sending in the army.It is worth noting that after Trudeau announced the use of the emergency law, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian posted a tweet on overseas social media platform Twitter that sparked heated online debate.It is reported, on February 17, Zhao Lijian provisions published a case for “which telling the truth” tweets, the tweet, according to the pictures for “free” team protest blocking streets of Canada, trudeau’s comments recently is: “they had no power to hinder our economy, our democracy, our People’s Daily life.This has to stop.”In response to rioters blocking streets in Hong Kong, Trudeau said: “We will speak loudly and clearly in support of human rights around the world.”The picture, showing Trudeau’s contrasting comments on rioters in Canada and Hong Kong, quickly went viral on Twitter, with foreign users commenting in the comments section of Zhao’s tweet that “Trudeau has become the world’s typical case of double standards.”It is worth noting that Canadian police began arresting protesters in Ottawa on February 17, local time, following the introduction of the State of Emergency law.