Cyberpunk 2077, the next edition of the Morning News, is finally about to be announced

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Good morning, everyone. Today is Tuesday, February 15th.CDPR announced last night that they are hosting a live broadcast of cyberPunk 2077’s next Gen/version 1.5 update instructions tonight at 11pm.It’s been five months since the 1.31 update was released on September 14 last year, but this livestream could be a sign that the rumored free DLC, new features and more are coming soon.Would you be interested in returning to Night City and becoming legendary Mercenary V again?CDPR has announced that cyberpunk 2077’s next gen/version 1.5 update will start live on February 15th at 11pm Beijing time.Ubisoft Shanghai is recruiting for a new “Might & Magic” AAA title.In an interview, Mr. Inaba said Platinum was open to any acquisition proposal as long as it kept its development efforts independent.The first free DLC for Dying Light 2 Men and Battle of Mercy is now available and includes three new pieces of equipment.Quest quest adventure Dear Esther: Milestone Edition is now available for free on the Steam store until February 16th.Minoshi said his new studio will continue to focus on creating games with dramatic and engaging stories.The official trailer for The King of Boxer xv has been released, and the game will be released on February 17th on PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series/PC.Club miscellaneous talk miscellaneous talk 1 miscellaneous talk 2 yesterday QUESTION and answer 1 question and answer 2 players comment on daily wallpaper “Legend of Heroes: The Trajectory of Li” Thank you for reading this issue of daily news morning newspaper, if you have comments and suggestions on this column, welcome to actively communicate with us.If you think the column is good, we hope you can give us a thumbs up and spread the morning news to more people. Your support is the motivation for us to keep moving forward.