“Double reduction” after the first winter vacation homework, walk “new” more “heart”

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In the first winter holiday after the introduction of the “double reduction” policy, how to design a tiger year “gift package” to let children feel both the flavor of the Year and the fun?What kind of winter vacation homework is to give students both delicious and nutritious “gift package”?The reporter learned from the schools in Chengdu, to change the way of “pure paper homework”, the school carefully designed to make winter vacation homework go “new” at the same time, more can go “heart”.”This is the baby we haven’t made yet. We call it the McGee.”Wang Qi ‘an of Yandao Street Primary School pointed to the homework he had done with his friends – “Mai Ji”.”The film ‘The Wandering Earth’ impressed the children deeply, and the teacher led them to watch the ‘Tiangong Course’, which made several children very interested in the space station.This winter holiday, the school to grade three students assigned the holiday homework is: with aerospace knowledge to design a mind of ‘outer space home’.They immediately formed a learning interest group to build their own space station.”Wang Xuanya’s mother said.”With the integration of five education as the core concept of homework design, pay attention to growth, promote children’s independent development, leave enough blank for children, let children to be creative;With the help of the real life field, we can inherit culture in the parent-child company process, work hard on the cultural heritage, and develop a sense of responsibility.”Related person in charge of Yandao Street primary school said, “for this school according to the characteristics of each grade of students, from the project learning theme, content, activity form, work presentation and other aspects of winter vacation homework design.”Throughout the winter vacation, Yandao Street primary school according to the characteristics of all grade students, will be real life and practical learning, relying on project-based learning design winter vacation homework: first grade students based on cultural confidence, learning New Year’s greetings, with New Year’s greetings in the process of understanding Chinese traditional culture;Second grade students practice labor education, participate in cleaning the family, decorate the room, cook a meal for their families;Third grade students use aerospace knowledge to design a mind of “outer space home”;The fourth grade students gave gifts to the Winter Olympics through climbing, skiing, snowball fights and other sports…In fact, around the “project” homework, different grades of different themes, has become a “double minus” under the first winter vacation homework design trend.Beixin Campus of Chengdu Experimental Primary School has carried out integrated project-based homework design, including the contents of various disciplines.According to ren Ping, the school principal, for example, there is a winter vacation homework for the first grade parents and children to invite several friends to climb mountains.This is not a simple exercise, but before the trip children need to have a preliminary understanding of the destination weather, traffic, altitude, etc.;Play to know the mountains, rivers, forests, lakes and so on……In the process, children need to think independently, but also need the cooperation of peers and parental participation.Sports, labor, etc. is winter vacation “must write” homework in addition to the “project type of homework”, the winter vacation sports, labor is also “must write” homework.How should winter vacation spend?Uestc experimental Primary School advocates parents to take the healthy development of their children as the first choice, and continue to work with the school to spend a “five more” holiday of “more sports, more reading, more work, more practice, more development expertise”.The reporter learned that the so-called “five more”, mainly contains five aspects, which not only requires students to choose physical exercise items according to the “holiday sports family exercise plan menu” in the attention, adhere to every day and in accordance with the plan to carry out systematic physical exercise;Secondly, we must do serious work, that is, complete daily life labor, production labor, service labor and other contents, such as sweeping the floor, wipe the table and so on, the purpose is to let the children actively participate in the labor of each project, take the initiative to share for parents, striving to be a qualified “household small expert”.Chengdu Xichuan Middle School in the south area of the “exercise” theme “homework”, encourage students of all grades to reasonably arrange sports exercise, such as endurance running, ball games, strength training, mountaineering…Specially designed winter vacation exercise schedule, let students stick to the clock registration, while improving basic motor skills and love sports.In terms of “work” and “homework”, students are encouraged to be familiar with various household chores and master basic life skills.Chengdu No.7 middle school for students to decorate the winter vacation physical exercise guide and winter vacation labor list.The school provides indoor and outdoor exercise guidelines for students during winter vacation. Please choose one hour of exercise every day according to your actual situation.At the same time, students are encouraged to actively participate in family labor under the guidance of their parents, tidy up the room with their parents, clean, paste Spring Festival couplets, fu, etc.;Search for tips or ask your parents to learn how to cook a few specialty dishes;Learn about excellent traditional culture by writing Spring Festival couplets and cutting paper-cuts.In order to improve personal life skills in physical labor, grateful to parents for their upbringing, feel the extensive and profound traditional culture.Chengdu Daily · Jinguan news reporter Zhao Zijun for pictures school editor Li Min proofread Wang Ling