National e-sports new skin attack, diao Chan dream skin return huge profits, Angela players double happiness

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Article │ Kerr game said that the original national video game is king of Glory in July last year launched a new game mode, launched this mode is mainly to let a lot of players to participate in professional selection, attract gao Play to participate in professional competition.And in order to promote this model, the official is an activity is an exclusive skin, last year, a new skin Yang Jian, this glory can be said to be free, as long as the top up coupons can get.And in the competition of the second period this year, there will be a skin soon, and the hero that this skin most hopes to give is diao Chan.In addition, KPL skin may also be played again after the opening of new events of national e-sports. This time, it is very likely that diao Chan’s dream-chasing sound skin will be played again.In addition, Angela, the hero, has received two good news recently, one is that she received a wave of augmentation, and another is that her epic skin has been put on the skin shard shop, the details of what happened, let’s take a look.The new skin of the national e-sports to attack the opening of the national e-sports competition compared to the last time to participate in the number of people did not reduce much, the main event is a new reward.The bonus is the exclusive loading cover, you can load the game hero sub cover into your own custom e-campaign player image, very good-looking.So a lot of players don’t normally play this mode, but this time they will play this mode for the reward.And in a few days, the number of players participating in the universal Esports will increase again, because in two days, the second skin of the universal Esports series will be available.The skin on the board will still be the same as Yang Jian that, players buy first, after the purchase of electronic competition to complete the task can get point coupons return.The skin of the second e-sports series has been basically confirmed to belong to Zhang Liang. The special effects of this skin have been revealed before, as shown in the picture.From the point of view of special effects, this glory seems to be more worthy than Yang Jian skin, said special effects comparable to the legend is not too much, for Zhang Liang players, this skin is very worthy to start with.Diao Chan dream series skin return national e-competition to open the new season will not only new skin, but also may return a skin, referring to last year’s return of han Xin dream shadow.And with so many valentine’s Day skins coming back so far this year, it’s not too bad to come back with a KPL skin.And if you want to return KPL skin, it is undoubtedly diao Chan’s dream sound return probability is the largest.Because this skin return interval is relatively long, and diao Chan is also very popular, the return skin will definitely be bought by many players.Angela has recently ushered in a long time enhancement, this time to enhance the shield value of the big move, let Angela rely on the ability to protect life has been improved.Then the ability to cancel the big move was also made faster, so that in some cases she could not get away with the big move, making Angela a little more flexible.Angela, the hero, generally speaking, has a very low win rate. Even if it is strengthened this time, it only increases the strength of the low-end game. In the high-end game, it is still very weak because of the hero mechanism.In addition, Angela’s epic skin mind hacker for a long time online skin fragment mall, in this fragment mall can be exchanged.This honor is well worth redeeming, although the time is a long time, but Angela’s highest quality skin can not be overstated.It is worth to participate in the national e-sports, even if it is not going to buy the national e-sports skin, there are skin fragments exclusive cover and other very good rewards, so spare time or can participate in it.Diao Chan’s dream-chasing sound if the return of sales naturally do not worry, it is so, this skin really has a great hope to return.Angela has been improved this time, but it does not mean that she can be used in high end games. It is unlikely to be used in high end games if the hero mechanic is not changed and the value is not changed.