North Korea Watch: Why do many tourists think Pyongyang is clean?

2022-04-26 0 By

Before going to North Korea, I read a lot of travel books on the Internet.Many visitors to Pyongyang, North Korea, say it is very clean, with some saying it is as clean as Japan.When I got to Pyongyang, the city was really clean, but not just clean, but very clean and clean, even in Japan.As we drove through the streets of Pyongyang by bus, we never saw a piece of garbage.Still, Pyongyang is oddly clean, with a sense that something is missing.Pyongyang is not as clean as Japan.After spending a few days in Pyongyang, ONE of the most important reasons why Pyongyang is so clean is that there are very few shops in North Korea.Indeed, in North Korea, because there are so few shops, no noisy commercials, no dazzling billboards, not even a single shop to be seen along the street, the feeling is more like a kind of empty cleanliness.In addition, the quality of Pyongyang’s people is really high, rarely see littering.Littering in North Korea is said to have serious consequences.Foreign tourists can also be fined if caught spitting or littering in North Korea.When we were in Pyongyang, every day from the scenic spots to the hotel, the bus had to pass through a street called Scientists Street, sometimes it didn’t need to pass through this street, but the bus also took a detour here.Every time we passed this beautiful street, our guide would introduce us warmly and proudly.But as far as I’m concerned, there are just a lot of tall buildings on this street, nothing particularly unusual to me.