Skyworth 120Hz sound painting flagship, so that every frame is clearly visible

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Although we now have a lot of electronic entertainment devices, there is no denying that the TV still has a “place” in the home.When you have a break, catch up on a TV show, watch a movie, or watch a documentary with your kids.Of course, for a more enjoyable and exciting viewing experience, the picture needs to be clear and smooth.A lot of TVS today use high-brush screens, but just having a high refresh rate doesn’t guarantee that the content from a variety of video sources will be crisp and smooth.In comparison, the performance of Skyworth 75A20 Pro is much more colorful.It is configured with 4K 120Hz original color hard screen, 4K 120Hz decoder, 4K 120Hz MEMC and 4K 120Hz HDMI2.1 transmission, which can make every frame clearly visible, enabling the true 120Hz quad high brush experience.The A20 Pro comes with a 4K, 120Hz raw color hard screen that has a 120Hz refresh rate and can display 60 more images per second than those on 60Hz screens.Generally speaking, the screen refresh rate to reach more than 75Hz, the human eye is not easy to feel the screen flicker.So when this TV is playing, we see the picture does not flicker, very smooth and natural, and every frame is very clear.As we all know, the quality of the video source determines the quality of the picture.In order to allow people to watch a variety of high resolution, high refresh rate video, the A20 Pro also added a flagship 8K SoC, with powerful computing power, 4K 120fps, 8K 60fps video sources can be easily decoded.If of course the source frame rate is low, A20 Pro can also improve the playback frame rate to 120 frames through MEMC motion compensation technology, so that old movies can also have clear picture quality, watching more comfortable.On the transmission side, the A20 Pro has also been upgraded to HDMI 2.1, which supports 4K 120fps transmission and can handle up to 48Gbps of broadband, so it can easily transmit higher resolutions and frame rates.After the addition of this technology, using A20 Pro external devices to watch movies or play games, the picture is also smooth and clear, delay, lag and other phenomena will be greatly reduced, the experience is very good.Not only is the playback crisp and smooth, but the picture quality of the A20 Pro is also outstanding.It has a 99% DCI-P3 movie wide color gambit, can display more than 1.07 billion colors, color standard ▲E=0.87, but also equipped with advanced self-developed AI quality engine and 3D LUT movie original color technology, the TV screen can present professional monitor level of picture quality.Skyworth AI picture quality engine, but also in the broadcast at the same time from color, clarity and motion picture and other aspects of real-time optimization;Dolby Vision and HDR10, on the other hand, make the lights brighter, the shadows more detailed, and the color contrast sharper.Whether it is a TV drama, film or documentary, the pictures you see on TV are as if you have seen them with your own eyes. When you watch them, you are more likely to be fully immersed in them and get a satisfying immersive experience.In terms of eye health, the A20 Pro also has a very good performance.It joined the four heavy eye hardware science and technology, in addition to the well-known optical blu-ray and MEMC motion picture image stabilization technology, it also joined the DC DC dimming technology, compared with the traditional TV using the PWM dimming, DC DC dimming can only need to change the voltage at any time to adjust the screen brightness, easily kill screen flashing phenomenon that cause eye fatigue,Watching eyes for a long time is not easy to fatigue;In addition, the A20 Pro also has a sophisticated ambient light sensor, which can adjust the screen brightness according to the actual environment. The brightness is adjusted intelligently, making it clear and comfortable to watch during the day and night.The picture quality is good, the picture is smooth and clear, and there are four hardware eye protection technology, Skyworth 75A20 Pro for us to create a private theater, you can sit at any time to enjoy the shock watching experience, eyes health is also more guaranteed.Big movies enjoy watching, the whole family has a choice of entertainment.If you need it, you can have it right away