Win11 computer how to improve the download speed?How to optimize Win11 download speed

2022-04-26 0 By

Many users have recently upgraded to install the latest Windows11 operating system, but many users in the use of the time found that the download speed slowed down significantly, so if we encounter this problem to solve?The following small make up will take you to have a look!Step 1: Right click the Start menu at the bottom and open the Task Manager (as shown in the picture).Second, click on the “Network” option (as shown).Step 3: Find the process that occupies the network but is not needed, and “End the Task” to shut it down (as shown).Method 2: First step, open “System Settings” (as shown in the picture).Second, click on the “Windows Update” option in the lower left corner (as shown in the picture).Step 3: Enter the “Advanced Options” on the right (as shown in the figure).Fourth, turn on the “Transfer Optimization” Settings under other options (as shown).Step 5, turn on the icon and select “Internet and Devices on my local Network” (as shown in the picture).