Big brother again?Take the initiative to ask for stewardess telephone, net friend: but every ugly point have no this treatment

2022-04-27 0 By

Recently, there is a flight attendant after 90 in their own social accounts posted a dynamic, was her with the picture and a photo of Jackie chan eldest brother in the cabin, and a brother personally signed the name of the book, news after exposure, immediately sparked huge debate on the Internet, many netizens are inwardly speculation, Jackie chan eldest brother travel by air,I’ve never seen him send a gift to a stewardess, so why not her?Images of the Jackie chan dressed in a low-key sportswear, tell, footage is treated with skin care, feeling so eldest brother a lot of young, one side of the flight attendant was really tall, stand with Jackie chan neck and neck, level of appearance is delicate and able to bear or endure look, really is one of the best big beauty, and the eldest brother photo without any constraint,Chan even put a hand on the girl’s shoulder.In fact, on the same day as the photo, the stewardess had already posted a news feed, claiming that they met Jackie chan during the flight. She was so nice that she not only cooperated with the photo, but also asked for her phone number and the host, saying that she would send them gifts.It is just this casual remark that makes many netizens more confused. A top star asks for the phone number and address of a stewardess, even if it is just a gift, but it always feels strange and unreasonable. Could it be the old problem of big Brother again?Some even joked: “If anyone is ugly, there will be no such treatment.”Indeed, elderly chan quiet a lot, but when he was young he was also a real playboy, especially the first few years in that famous, and Teresa teng, joey wong and god female stars are most popular spread gossip, then hung out in the entertainment circle for many years, the elder brother of the lace news is never stop, until now the great age,As he became more concerned with fame, he gradually reined in.But his youthful escapade has led many netizens to believe that chan’s request for a flight attendant’s phone number and address was more than a gift.For some netizens questioned even ridicule, the flight attendant did not sit, these words the said mouth very smelly, and immediately issued a few photos, shows the net friend Jackie sent biographical details, can see clearly that in turn after space, Jackie chan eldest brother a handwritten message very warm heart, and expressed the hope that she can like.Reading after the 90 s before release content, it is obvious that she had another identity, that is a has more than 20 small web celebrity fans, video style mostly is give priority to in order to display the figure and delicate appearance, everybody can tell, the overall condition of the little sister, even higher than general female star, temperament, appearance, body didn’t get to pick.It is no wonder that netizens will say “no such treatment is available to those who are ugly”.In fact, this is not the first time Jackie Chan took the initiative to send books to strangers, on the network, there are many people have received the same style, but without exception, eldest brother left his autograph, including some gay men, personally think, Jackie Chan eldest brother took the initiative to ask for contact information, in addition to the book has no other purpose,And it is only when they are on good terms with each other that they do so. Even though female fans account for the vast majority, this does not mean that the eldest brother has problems with his personality and style.Perhaps this is also the distress of celebrities, although Jackie Chan’s life achievements are difficult to replicate, but controversy often accompanied him, as netizens or fans, such rumors are still subject to different opinions.What do Internet users think of this?Feel free to leave a comment below!