Shanghai receives 5.987 million visitors in first four days of Spring Festival

2022-04-27 0 By

A total of 5.987 million tourists visited Shanghai in the first four days of the Lunar New Year Holiday, according to the city’s tourism big data monitoring, according to the city’s culture and Tourism bureau.People never leave Shanghai to experience the colorful New Year of Shanghai, such as “classic Intangible Heritage”, “fashion and leisure” and “Culture and Art”.Tips: Please pay attention to personal protection, do not crowd, do not gather, epidemic prevention “three sets”, protection “five”.During the Chinese New Year of the Tiger, Shanghai has planned and launched nearly 500 cultural activities under the theme of “Happy New Year experience of Intangible Cultural Heritage”.Yuyuan Mall’s intangible cultural heritage lighting, Minhang Xinzhuang Lantern Festival lantern riddles, Jinshan Fengjing, Baoshan Luodian, Jiading Nanxiang and Zhouqiao Old Street, etc., fully display Shanghai’s intangible cultural heritage skills, traditional festival customs of ancient towns, to convey the warmth of the Spring Festival.81 companies in Shanghai have launched 205 kinds of family reunion dinners and New Year’s Eve dinner packages.Huangpu, Jing ‘an, Changning, Putuo, Hongkou and other districts have strung cultural and tourism resources along suzhou River into a line, attracting more citizens and tourists to a “Shanghai city archaeology”.Urban micro travel routes, such as the Road of the Red Hidden front, Xujiahui in Search of the source, human fireworks tour in Wutong District, Farmer painting series activities in Jinshan Spring, wonderful tour of film and television, and experience tour of traditional printing techniques of “Tiger Tiger shengwei”, combined with urban archaeological experience, let people feel the great changes of urban life while walking.During the holiday, the city’s museums, art galleries, urban and two-level public libraries, cultural centers, community cultural activity centers and tourism advisory service centers, as well as theatres, “Shanghai New Space for Performing Arts” and secret room scripts and other cultural travel venues have prepared a rich cultural feast for people in Shanghai to celebrate the Spring Festival.Statistics show that in the first four days of the holiday, 137 plays were presented in the Shanghai performance market, up 35.6% year on year, and 136,700 audiences were received in total, realizing “no box closure during the Spring Festival”.Rich and colorful cultural tourism activities help activate urban tourism consumption.Take the hotel industry in Shanghai as an example. Data shows that the average room rental rate of Shanghai guest hotels reached 40% in the first four days of the Spring Festival holiday, up 9% year-on-year.The “Hotel Spring Festival tide” dominated by local consumers has become a new fashion for celebrating holidays.”Parent-child products + accommodation” has become a popular choice for Spring Festival consumption.The booking rate of middle and high-end b&B in Chongming District exceeded 95% during the Spring Festival, and the spillover effect of the Flower Expo appeared. Tourists who experienced the simple folk customs and felt the ecological green became the main consumption force.During the holiday, the two levels of Shanghai urban culture and Tourism bureau, together with the public security, health, emergency, fire, transportation and other relevant departments, went to the front line of all kinds of cultural and tourism venues to carry out epidemic prevention and control and production safety inspection during the holiday, check risks and hidden dangers, urge to strengthen the rectification of problems.In accordance with the latest epidemic prevention and control guidelines, all departments and units of the system strictly implement the requirements of “limiting, booking, off-peak”, “temperature measurement, code testing, and wearing masks”.Strengthen the safety management of special equipment safety, vehicle safety, fire and electricity safety, fire protection facilities maintenance, food hygiene and other key links;Strengthen epidemic prevention and control of cultural and tourism festival activities, strictly control large-scale artistic performances, and strictly implement the application and approval procedures for activities;The city’s A-level scenic spots strengthened the management of large passenger flow. Through the real-time information system of A-level scenic spots, the cultural and tourism department grasped the real-time data of 134 A-level scenic spots in the city, and realized the real-time monitoring of key parts of 4A level or above scenic spots.Two cultural law enforcement agencies in Shanghai conducted 100 law enforcement inspections.Source: Official wechat of Shanghai Baoshan