Spring Festival benefits coming!World of Tanks invites you to receive a bonus bonus!

2022-04-27 0 By

The Spring Festival, people laugh, blink of an eye the New Year is coming, xiaobian here wish you all a happy New Year, peace and joy in the New Year, the year of the tiger rich!The Spring Festival is the most important festival to Chinese, you can forget trouble during the Spring Festival, family reunion, no pressure to enjoy my holiday, many games will also choose to give benefits for everyone at this time, for players to a more successful during the Spring Festival, “tanks world” is one of the following small make up take you to see the tank world for everyone benefits!Spring Festival send blessing activity!Since today’s zero, until 10:00 on February 15th, a player can get a red envelope, and will be a red envelope to friends or random players in the game, a total of three red envelopes, swept all activities, roars gave birth to wind a red envelope, and send blessing red envelopes, tiggo or dingle swept all the red envelope can be gained by completing daily tasks and contains a common decoration,The other two red envelopes need to be purchased. The Tiger Roar Red envelope contains a normal decoration and 250 gold coins, while the Lucky Tiger Gift red envelope contains a special decoration, a decal and 2500 gold coins. If you are lucky, the first two red envelopes may also be issued with special decoration and decals.Decorations can be added to the gallery, with one bonus for normal decorations and two bonus for special decorations. There are 20 columns in the gallery, and bonuses can be accumulated, while unused decorations are stored in the gallery.It is important to note that the player himself could not be opened or buy a red envelope, so must be sent to friends or random players, but the club could players don’t worry, when you send red envelopes to random players, you will also receive a red envelope of the same type, a total of five stages, players each reached a new stage, special activities medal will become more luxuriant good-looking!In the real world, World of Tanks also provides some benefits related to red envelopes. The cover of koi red envelopes has been launched for the Chinese Year. Follow the public account Tanke House and reply to “Koi red envelopes”, scan the QR code to get them!By 17:00 on February 6th, the “Daily supplies” lucky draw of the public account tank House is also underway. After you bind your game account, you can draw rewards, including not only various virtual game props, but also physical perimeters, such as mouse pads, hoodies, jingdong cards and so on.And of course, don’t forget the New Year marathon, where you can earn the powerful WZ114 and its 3D-style Tiger claw by completing the mission. Note that these two rewards can also be purchased with gold coins. If you don’t have time to do the mission, you can earn them with gold coins.Draw daily supplies with koi red envelope cover, the next koi is you!Do not hesitate to participate in the Spring Festival activities!