The US cancelled 44 flights between China and the US: the “failed country” began a crazy and irresponsible retaliation

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(the original title: us anywhere for China airlines flight is naked unilateralism), according to the U.S. department of transportation issued instructions on January 21, due to the Civil Aviation Administration of China fusing the American airlines flights between China and America, as a peer retaliation, the U.S. department of transportation announced grounded on January 21, to the end of march China airlines flight routes of China and the United States, a total of 44 class.Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said at a press conference on January 24 that the US side, seeking exceptions and special treatment for its own selfish interests, cancelled the flight of a Chinese airline, disrupted the normal operation of a Chinese airline and ignored the health and safety of Chinese and foreign passengers. It was an act of arrogance, rudeness and irresponsibility.The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) is currently implementing the “circuit breaker” policy for inbound flights, which means that when an inbound flight has more than five confirmed cases but less than nine, the flight will be suspended for two weeks.Flights will be suspended for four weeks when there are more than nine confirmed cases.The circuit breaker policy has been in operation for a year and a half since it was implemented in June 2020.In April 2021, the CIVIL Aviation Administration adjusted the circuit breaker policy. When the number of confirmed cases is between five and nine, airlines can choose to operate flights at 40% of capacity (or about half of their original capacity) for four weeks instead of two weeks.It can be seen that The Civil Aviation Administration of China has been adjusting the flight entry policy and the “circuit breaker” policy according to the development of the epidemic, balancing and taking precise measures to the maximum extent for the prevention and control of imported epidemic, the demand of returning overseas personnel, and the operation order of airlines of various countries.At the same time, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) applies the “circuit breaker” policy equally to domestic and foreign airlines, as well as well-known airlines from developed countries and small airlines from developing countries.Over the past year and more, the Civil Aviation Administration of China’s flight circuit breaker notices show that the number of confirmed cases of flights that have been shut down and for how long are all open and transparent.The Civil Aviation Administration of China’s fair, just and open measures reflect the Chinese government’s high sense of responsibility and responsibility as a major country.When the omicron variant pandemic was becoming more and more severe worldwide and threatened to get out of control, The Civil Aviation Administration of China cancelled the 40% passenger load factor for four weeks in the “circuit breaker” policy, and retained the suspension only when the circuit breaker was triggered. This is a reasonable and dynamic adjustment based on the global epidemic situation and the domestic epidemic prevention and control situation.However, the US has adopted unilateralism and lashed out at China’s reasonable circuit breaker policy and the suspension of US flights based on the policy, calling it “unwarranted interruption”.When China shut down 44 flights of Us airlines, the US forced the suspension of 44 flights of Chinese airlines. This is not called “reciprocity”. It is called unilateralism and shows the naked hegemony of the US.The number of confirmed inbound passengers is the basis of the flight interruption by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. What is the basis of the US?What the US government has done is out of a vengeful mentality and is extremely irresponsible.Other countries have no objection to China’s circuit breaker policy and fully understand it. Only the US has been making an issue of China’s Civil Aviation Administration’s circuit breaker policy and hyping up the so-called “inequality and injustice” in the number of flights between China and the US.Throughout the whole incident, the intention of the US government is that “Sima Zhao’s heart is known to everyone”, which is to force the Civil Aviation Administration of China to make concessions by disrupting the flights of Chinese airlines without any reason, so that The Chinese airlines can give the Us airlines special treatment without being cut off.However, since the outbreak of the epidemic, the US has repeatedly made unreasonable demands and taken various unreasonable measures on the issue of shipping between China and the US. In February 2020, at the beginning of the outbreak, the US ignored China’s effective epidemic prevention measures and forcibly suspended shipping between China and the US in order to exaggerate the “Epidemic in China”.In June 2020, in the name of “reciprocal retaliation”, the US threatened to cut off all Chinese airlines’ routes to China after failing to request China to open routes to Us airlines in disregard of its own worst epidemic situation in the world.In August 2021, after China implemented a new circuit breaker policy, American airlines chose to operate flights to China with 40% load factor due to repeated trigger circuit breakers. The US government restricted Chinese airlines to operate flights to the US with 40% load factor in the name of “unequal load factor”.On January 21, 2022, the US government suspended 44 flights between China and the US by Chinese airlines in the name of “reciprocity” after China suspended several flights to China by US airlines due to circuit breakers.In fact, the so-called “fairness” and “reciprocity” of the United States does not really want fairness and reciprocity, but to use its “dominant position” to force China to make concessions in order to obtain “privileges” and “preferential treatment”.Such behavior not only damages the interests of the Chinese people, but also damages the interests of a large number of airlines from other countries that abide by the epidemic prevention policies and circuit breakers of the Civil Aviation Administration of China for inbound flights. In fact, it undermines the fair and just order of the global civil aviation industry.If the US government really wants us airlines to resume flights to China, it would be better to focus on controlling the epidemic at home.The number of cases on flights to China is highly correlated with the epidemic situation in the US. Once the epidemic situation is under control, the number of new cases will decrease, and the number of positive cases on flights to China will also decrease, so the flights of US airlines to China will not be cut off.This is the fundamental way to solve the problem.(: | Zhu Zhan good civil aviation observer)