Urgent reminder: Liaoning, Suzhou to return to your personnel please take the initiative to report!

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Liaoning province: On February 8, 2022, a new confirmed case was reported in Huludao City, Liaoning Province.From 00:00 to 1800 on February 10, 20 new local COVID-19 cases and 1 asymptomatic COVID-19 case were reported in Liaoning Province, including 19 new confirmed cases in Huludao City.One asymptomatic infected person was reported from Shenyang.The third generation of liaoning virus gene was identified as Delta variant (AY.122 branch).Suzhou: An asymptomatic case was reported in Suzhou on February 10.All 14,316 people involved in suzhou were tested for nucleic acid, and the results were negative.Among them, 51 secret contacts and 195 secondary secret contacts have been implemented control measures.From January 26 to February 9 (staying at home during the Spring Festival holiday from February 1 to February 3), the asymptomatic infected person’s daily activity trajectory was relatively simple, with the battery car changing to the factory car for work.The locations involved were work, residence and a small supermarket.The virus strain of the first case in Huludao city of Liaoning province was highly homologous with the early case in Suifenhe city of Mudanjiang.According to the expert group’s preliminary analysis, the outbreak may have been caused by people returning to their hometowns and living in their villages or visiting relatives during holidays.In order to effectively control and reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19 and consolidate the achievements of epidemic prevention and control, guigang CDC issued a warm health reminder to all citizens:A, is reported to the active since January 25, 2022, has a history of huludao, shenyang living where and since January 28, has a history of living in suzhou or with confirmed cases of asymptomatic infection activities trajectory intersection overlap, empty accompanied by staff at the same time, please first to place unit, community (village) in, hotel (hotel) reported to the personal information,Health management measures such as nucleic acid testing and medical observation will be implemented.Second, take the initiative to report if discover yourself or your family’s health code into a “red code” or “yellow code”, don’t panic, to be the first time to the community (village, chariot) and reported to the units they belong to, immediately call now with the health department of health (120) and the public security organ (110) telephone call, wait for health and public security joint investigation screening;At the same time, it is necessary to avoid temporary self-isolation in places where people gather. During this period, it is necessary to take personal protection and avoid contact with other people.3. Active NUCLEIC acid testing Persons returning from provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) with COVID-19 positive case reports should present negative nucleic acid certificates within 48 hours and strictly implement 7-day home health monitoring upon arrival.People returning from other provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government who have not reported positive local cases are advised to take good personal protection and go to the nearest medical institution for nucleic acid treatment within 24 hours.In case of fever, cough, loss of sense of smell and taste and other abnormal symptoms, you should immediately go to the nearest medical institution to see a fever clinic, and actively inform the medical related travel history and contact history;Masks should be properly worn throughout the treatment process, and public transportation should be avoided during the trip to and from the medical institution.As the epidemic situation in Guangxi and China is complex and volatile, it is recommended that the general public avoid leaving Guangxi unless necessary and avoid traveling to areas where local cases have been reported.Citizens should take good personal protection. They should wear masks in public transport, elevators and other closed places, as well as outdoor places where people gather.Pay attention to wash hands frequently, cough, sneeze to cover the mouth and nose with tissue, towel, advocate the use of public spoon, chopsticks.Reduce congregations and maintain a social distance of at least 1 meter.To strengthen ventilation disinfection, indoor often open Windows for ventilation, maintain air circulation.People aged 60 and above and people with serious chronic diseases should avoid going to crowded places as much as possible.Children aged 3-17 and older persons aged 60 and above who have not yet received or have not been fully vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccines should be vaccinated with the Novel Coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible. People eligible for booster vaccination should be vaccinated as soon as possible.People at high risk of influenza such as the elderly, children, people with chronic diseases and medical staff are advised to get vaccinated during the flu season.Guigang disease control to remind you: Omicron strains stealth, transmission power is stronger, the whole population susceptible, in the face of omicron mutant strains great meaning, vaccine, wear masks, wash your hands, more ventilation, less gathering, do not hide, less travel, do not panic, exercise, relax, to report!Director | of the communist party of China south of the county party committee propaganda department product | ping ping pingnan melt source media center | your port CDC edit | | lai shallow audit Zeng Guoyang issued | WeiTing loose