Why do some people have sons and others have daughters?With what factors?

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The traditional thinking in China is that a son should inherit the career status of his parents and grandparents to carry on the family line. Having a son means a prosperous family.The daughter’s status is not high, after marrying out is poured out water.In people’s mind, boys are preferred to girls. Women are not allowed to sit at the table for dinner and are not allowed to be equal with men. Men and women are not equal.Royal family position is superior, in order to carry on the family line to cultivate forces, will choose crazy concubinage wife son.A man with a son on his knee is recognized as the enemy of the whole family, but he is loved by his master and his status rises.Therefore, female friends also want to have a child, on the one hand, they can be spoiled, on the other hand, they can have a stable status.With the development of The Times, people’s cognition of son preference has changed, many female friends can take the lead alone, in the career stage they love, shine and make achievements, gender inequality has become gender equality, many traditional concepts are weak.The elderly are also becoming more open-minded. Even if a boy can carry on the family life, buying a house and buying a car is a heavy burden.Spending too much money also makes the public think that it is better to give birth to a daughter. In front of the real society, it is not so important for children to continue to pass on the family line. Money is hard to earn, shit is hard to eat, hundreds of thousands of minutes, which is so easy to earn.Many people also have their own ideas, young people began to promote dink, marry a wife but do not have children, marry but do not have children.And the newborn baby’s father and mother is more that boys and girls are the same, belong to their own favorite, as long as the healthy growth of the child is the best.The mother, in particular, is tormented, pregnant in October, going through the ordeal of life and death, and the sex of the fetus becomes irrelevant.According to the latest age period in China, the data shows that the aging is serious and the burden of family life and work, the economic constraints of buying a house and a car, marriage is the grave of love in the eyes of young people, and the fear of marriage is prevalent.People prefer to express their feelings in love, which has led to a sharp drop in the rate of newborn babies. To change this situation, the state has allowed women to have three children in the hope that they can set a good example.That we still do not care, said that the birth of a boy worried that the second child can not escape the fate of the boy, behind the need to have a strong financial chain support, housing prices are high, the enrollment rate is tight, the birth of a boy is really difficult to move.Why do some people have sons and others have daughters?With what factors?In feudal times, when a woman gave birth to a son, she was blamed for it and she was looked down upon.But in the age of science, it’s not a woman who gives birth to a boy or a girl, and clinical evidence suggests that the training that determines a fetus’s genes comes from the man for several reasons.1, affected by the degree of acid and base in the body of women will affect the degree of acid and base in the fetus, which is derived from a large number of clinical trials.Females are in an alkaline state, giving birth to sons, while females are in an acidic state, giving birth to daughters.Fetal gender is also slightly related to daily diet. If you like eggs and seafood, which are rich in a lot of trace elements, vitamins and minerals, you will have a greater chance of giving birth to a son.If usually like to eat spicy stimulus, sweet mouth heavy calorie food, the probability of giving birth to a daughter is higher than the former.2. The pressure of social life leads to the difficulty of moving forward without money in this era. The pressure of work and family is all borne by men.This is bound to make them suffer physical and mental double trauma, in a state of sub-health, long time firepower retreat and scattered, demoralized spirit.If staying up late for a long time will affect the sperm quality and survival rate, the quantity of high-quality sperm is low, and normal fertilization is abnormal. Even if normal fertilization, the probability of giving birth to a daughter is greater than that of a boy.3. Affected by the mother’s personality and mentality, the mother’s personality will also affect the gender of the child. If the mother is usually confident and independent, and has a high degree of self-cognition and thinking habits, the egg is more likely to be combined with the y chromosome of the male sperm, and the probability of giving birth to a boy is greater.If a female friend is weak and withdrawn, and likes to cry and solve problems, it is more likely to combine with the male X chromosome and give birth to a girl, and the latter is more likely.4, by genetic influence to remove the above three points can affect the child’s gender is bound to be the biggest reason from the father’s gene and family aggregation.People who have more sons than their peers are more likely to have them themselves.If the Y chromosome in a male friend has strong behavior and influence, it will naturally combine with the egg and produce a boy, while the other way around, it will produce a girl.Give birth to male female mainly to see male sperm quality, in addition to individual female friends emotional state of mind and physical condition will also affect the child gender.No matter men or women, we should not over-emphasize their healthy and safe eating habits in life. Boys and girls are their own children, so we must treat them equally to ensure the healthy growth of children is the best.Healthy New Year