Xiahou Dun KPL raid, Zhuge double Xi Linmen, Wuling immortal jun return huge shuai, the task party has a blessing

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This two days to valentine’s Day, so the official specially launched two limited skin before valentine’s Day return, two skin is xiao Qiao Zhou Yu’s flower married series.And these two skins may not be the only ones coming back at this time of year, because the Lantern Festival is right after Valentine’s Day, and there will definitely be skins coming back.Netizens recently revealed that Zhuge Liang’s Wuling Xianjun skin will make a comeback on Lantern Festival.The reason why this skin may return, the reason lies in zhuge Liang’s new glory collection skin quality does not meet players’ expectations.Another is xiahou Dun, the hero, was also revealed to have new skin, and the new skin is said to be KPL skin.Finally, there are a number of events that will hit the shelves over the next two days, most of which are free, and you can get a cool look on your homepage.What’s going on? Let’s take a look.It’s only been a month since the mirror’s KPL skin hit the shelves, and even though the skin is still available in the game store, the news about the next KPL skin comes at this time.According to the source, the next KPL skin will most likely go to Xiahou Dun.Now that several bloggers have said so, it’s possible that the next KPL skin will go to Xiahou Dun.However, we don’t know how long we have to wait for Xiahou Dun’s skin to hit the shelves. According to last year, it is normal to wait until May or June or even July.So even if Xiahou Dun has KPL skin, don’t worry, just ride the waves now.Zhuge Liang has a new skin this year, and it is glorious to hide the skin.This glorious pawn skin in the Spring Festival just broke the line, but was attacked by a lot of players, and even now there are many players, every day to the official message let the optimization of zhuge Liang’s glory pawn skin.The reason for this is that the quality of zhuge Liang’s glorious skin is not very satisfactory.The effects were gorgeous but not detailed enough, and even buggy.Modeling the original painting also need not say much, players are aware of the quality of this glory collection really sorry this price.But overall Zhuge Liang still has a collection of glory, for zhuge Liang is also a good thing.And zhuge Liang’s glory skin sales so miserable, in this case it is highly likely to return to wuling Xian Jun.And previously broke the news that Wu Ling Xian Jun to return, but until now have not returned.During this period of time, the official suddenly launched the wuling Fairy Lord handwork, sold during valentine’s Day, plus the Lantern Festival soon after, so the probability of Wuling fairy Lord’s return is really very large under various circumstances.The task party has the new skin of yao online at the same time, but also accompanied by a series of activities online, and the activity reward is the exclusive home page of the two skin before the revelation plus some exclusive performance props and so on.As shown in the figure, only one of the two home page costumes can be acquired. In the activity, players need to choose a side, and they will get different costume rewards after joining.The big prize is naturally two beautiful home page, and in addition to the home page, there are two return to town effects and two titles.It’s important to note, however, that the title and homepage makeover are for a limited time, not forever.You can only use your home page for three months and your title for one year.Kerr said xiahou Dun this hero do not know why there will be KPL skin, but even if there is KPL skin, from the previous KPL skin, xiahou Dun this quality is certainly better than the wind and waves, this epic is xiahou Dun’s only true god, and good-looking and cheap.If zhuge Liang’s Wuling Immortal Lord returns, there must be a lot of players to buy, after all, the glory collection is so expensive than wuling Immortal Lord how much better.Valentine’s Day homepages and homecoming titles are all free, but most of them have an expiration date, which is a shame.