China’s first gold medal at the Winter Olympics has gone overseas

2022-04-28 0 By

Video clips of China’s short track speed skating team winning the country’s first gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics have gone viral overseas.Many foreign netizens left messages congratulating the Chinese team, saying that they were “moved by the fighting spirit of The Chinese athletes”.Chinese team fan Kexin, Qu Chunyu, Wu Dajing and Ren Ziwei crossed the finish line first in 2:37.348 in the final of the short-track speed skating mixed team relay at the Capital Gymnasium on February 5.This is a historic moment, the Chinese sports delegation won the first gold medal at this Winter Olympics, several members of the Chinese team cried excitedly, saying “dream come true!”After the news of the Chinese team winning the gold medal came out, NBC and other overseas media have followed up the report, causing hot discussion.In the news comments section, Basit Khan from Pakistan wrote, “Congratulations to our brothers, you did a good job!””Congratulations to the athletes, but also to China for hosting such a big event,” netizen Rasa said.”Chinese athletes have shown the world their fighting spirit,” commented Sarah.The short video of the Chinese team winning the championship also received a large number of likes from overseas netizens.On TikTok, an overseas short video platform, videos of the short track speed skating team winning China’s first gold medal had been viewed nearly 20 million times as of Feb 6.”It was the unity and cooperation of the team that enabled The Chinese team to win the match,” one overseas netizen said in a popular video recalling the highlights of the victory. “We all joined together tightly and fought for glory!”On the day of the game, many people shared their thoughts on various social media sites in real time while watching the game.Anthony Kobisky exclaimed, “The Chinese team is so fast!”Another user, Everything Olympics, lamented, “The athletes glide on the ice like they are about to fly.”(By Yang Jia) (Source: