Chinese and Foreign journalists get closer to “China’s treasures”

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“Kuanggu heritage sound” plate caused the reporter’s great interest.The China Arts and Crafts Museum and the China Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum, located in the central area of the Olympic Park, opened on February 5th, and received a rush of reservations. All 3,000 reservations were taken up every day, and tickets have been reserved for a week.As an important project of the series of cultural activities of the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, the new museum’s first blockbuster exhibition, “Treasures of China — China’s Intangible Cultural Heritage and Arts and Crafts exhibition,” a total of 1,297 pieces of various cultural and artistic masterpieces.On February 10, 160 Chinese and foreign journalists from Beijing Press Center 2022 approached these treasures with the audience.Reporters focus on the “withered wood longyin” piano.After nearly three years of construction, the new China Arts and Crafts Museum and China Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum reopened the day after the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games.Located on the north extension of the Central axis of Beijing, the pavilion is close to the Olympic Forest Park on the west and adjacent to many large national venues. The project covers a construction area of 91,126 square meters with six floors on the ground.The construction of the new museum fills the gap of the national museum of Arts and crafts and intangible cultural heritage in China.It marks an important cultural landmark that represents the cultural image of the country and the capital and highlights the cultural prosperity and development in the new era.”Almost at the same time with the completion of construction and acceptance of the project, we have been working on the demonstration, design and arrangement of the exhibition of ‘Chinese Treasures — China’s Intangible Cultural Heritage and Arts and Crafts’, relying on the strong academic strength and rich collection resources of the Chinese National Academy of Arts.”Han Ziyong, curator of the National Art Museum of China (Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum of China), said the exhibition “Chinese Treasures” is an important cultural event during the Beijing Winter Olympics.The museum specially designed the installation landscape “From Altay to Beijing” with the theme of the Winter Olympics, cheering for the Beijing Winter Olympics.The scene to the reporter to reproduce the wonderful “humai” art.New gansu gansu daily reporter Zhang Tieliang jade appeared in “four treasures” blockbuster “Chinese treasure” opening exhibition, is divided into eight parts, covering the arts and crafts, guqin, traditional Musical Instruments, art, drama, stone carving and calligraphy, traditional New Year pictures, drama performances and the content of the academic report eight parts, a total of 1298 pieces,Eighty percent of the exhibits are on display for the first time for the public, and most of the exhibits are collected by the Chinese National Academy of Arts over the past 70 years.Into the “big country works” exhibition hall, jadeite “four national treasures” common appearance is the most eye-catching, they are jadeite mountain “Daiyue wonders”, jadeite flower incense “containing incense Jurui”, jadeite beam flower basket “Qunfang Range Win” and jadeite screen “four sea teng Huan”.Four pieces of jade national treasures from the theme selection, form design to complete, lasting eight years, by more than 40 famous jade altar, skilled masters together to create.Among them, Qunfang Range Rover is the largest flower work in Chinese jade art history.In the section of “Kuanggu Relics”, the audience can enjoy treasures such as “Longyin of Withered Wood” in the late Tang Dynasty and “Mingfeng” in the Song Dynasty, appreciating the art of guqin dating back more than 3,000 years.The “Silk Road Danqing” section takes the audience to enjoy the “murals along the Silk Road biography”, viewing more than 70 pieces of high-quality copying.In addition, the audience can also feel the charm of opera art in the “Powder and ink Legend” section, in the “pass the text” section to taste 100 seal carvers with the Analects of Confucius epigrams seal works, in the “Shenzhou Spring” section from Tianjin Yangliuqing, Sichuan Mianzhu and other colorful old age paintings.The exhibition also designed a wonderful interactive link, visitors can scan the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code to watch and listen to the exhibition, there are rubbings, calligraphy, seal cutting and other demonstration experience activities.By Lu Weishan, Riverrun News reporter