Digital currency three dragon led the rise, infrastructure has accelerated differentiation, pay attention to the explosion after the chip fault

2022-04-28 0 By

Wednesday’s strongest concept is digital currency, last night’s digital currency was good news, today’s Hengbao shares on the direct word limit, Jincai Internet and Cuiwei shares opened sharply after sealing plate, yesterday’s pry card electronic and royal silver shares are also fast limit.20cm selected creative knowledge technology to pull out the board, although the Xiongdi technology was a beat slow, but still sealed the 20cm board, even Shensi Electronics, also harvest +20% trading limit, today is the strongest day of digital currency, is also the climax day.When a plate high tide hind, the next day big probability is differentiation, differentiation can begin from back row, today limit late, bad board answers seal, encounter bid green dish possibly, so, when a plate is strong, failed to grasp front row, be inferior to wait for tomorrow morning dish to look for opportunity again, chase at will go up, can disrupt rhythm only.When connect board unit to advance ceaselessly, begin from 9 when 25 minutes, it is the snatch of time against time to collect battle, early dish 5 minutes can end battle basically.Yesterday mysterious funds into the market, China Mobile today hit the daily limit, intraday trend is completely light, this may have mysterious funds boost.China Mobile at 11:15 officially sealed daily limit, 11:16 national pulse technology daily limit, 11:17 Cambridge technology daily limit, 11:20, day Yu information plate +20%, followed by a pile of 5G concept plate, accelerated to 14 today, second only to the digital currency of 18 daily limit.Infrastructure concept, today’s differentiation intensifies, even in the rock earth began to ebb, which shows that Huitong shares have a lot of pressure tomorrow.And rock earth contrast, Zhejiang construction cast yesterday second plate, today a word T word, bidding is much stronger than the rock earth, two into three should consider Zhejiang construction cast, and abandon the rock earth, even China Sea sincere, bidding is stronger than the rock earth, so, China Sea sincere two into three, also sealed the limit.Tomorrow, will usher in a chip fault of explosive quantity, building plate of low tide, the differentiation of the digital currency, for continuous plate upside stocks a word, in the fifth harden, the seventh harden, with the different status of individual stocks, as long as there is a Fried plate, can lead to other copycat, huitong co tomorrow, jidong equipment, poly joint, holding these,Have faced the possibility of explosion, once stable, is to adjust the beginning, so the next to enter the defensive state, as high as possible to wait for the opportunity to throw.Yesterday the end of the pry royal silver shares, huhua shares, Beijing Blue technology, today sealed the daily limit, yesterday the pry rise of The electronic card, today is expected to open low but high open, is weak to strong, so early will be crazy money.The current rhythm changes very quickly, yesterday the floor goes out, also did not think of today meeting limit, yesterday the ten thousand run science and technology that lever board fails, today morning after killing, end dish however limit.Today many people are waiting for the pry board, the result today in addition to ST, a limit also did not.15 2 even board yesterday, today there are nine promotion into 3 plate, the probability is quite high, and then give up early for green disc Han Jian was arguing with high explosive, bidding or low macro embellish construction and the stake, for less than expected in the rocks of the earth, are basically harden, as long as take strong contrast to choose, two into three promotion probability can be 100% today.It’s not an opportunity that happens every day. It needs to happen at the right time.But the contrast is strong, excluding less than expected, but can let the winning rate increased.