Full of Chinese wind!Easter egg design for Winter Olympics Awards revealed

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The award ceremony costumes for the 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games are full of Traditional Chinese costume wisdom from color, pattern and design.When the Winter Olympic Games encounter the Lunar New Year, the award ceremony costumes “auspicious snow clouds”, “Hongyun landscape” and “Tang Flowers flying snow” will adorn the highlight moments of the Winter Olympic Games with Chinese charm.The reporter of People’s Daily online interviewed the designer of the main creative team to interpret the traditional cultural connotation of these clothes for netizens.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games coincides with the Lunar New Year, and the designers first focused on the cultural elements of the Spring Festival.”Chinese red is the most auspicious and festive color.At the same time, dignified, atmosphere, composed blue and reflect the spirit of the Olympic Games.””The red and blue here are very Chinese colors,” said You Jia, associate professor at the College of Fashion Art and Engineering at Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, who designed the awarding gown “Hongyun Landscape.”What is a “positive” color?Historical materials have recorded that “is green, red, yellow, white, black five colors also.”According to Chu Yan, a professor at the College of Fashion Art and Engineering at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, “Traditional Chinese colors have five positive colors, which usually refer to very saturated and heavy colors.Red, yellow and blue are saturated and look relatively positive.”Applying visual elements such as the core graphics and color system of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the colors of the award ceremony gowns have a quaint and beautiful name.The colors of Tianji Blue, ice blue, Xiaguang red and Auspicious Snow White are derived from traditional Chinese mineral pigments, which not only come from the research of the Spring Festival culture in the cities of the three competition areas, but also contain the understanding of the culture of the four seasons of nature, the five sides of heaven and earth and the 24 solar terms.All three designs are red and blue, but each has a slightly different color palette.”Red, blue and ice blue are all part of the core color system of the Winter Olympics. The same color system presents different shades and warm and cold tones. Designers will match different reds and blues according to their own preferences and understanding,” said Chu.”In traditional Chinese clothing and even painting, the higher the level, the more positive colors are used.”He Yang, curator of the Museum of Ethnic Clothing at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, who designed the uniforms for the Winter Olympics as well as the hats for the “Auspicious Snow and Clouds” dresses, introduced her thinking on color.She made the same choice for her Olympic medal dress.The legendary picture inspires the spark green mountains and rivers, thousands of miles away.Artistic conception reduction “thousands of miles of Rivers and Mountains” dance “only this green” in the Spring Festival Gala stunning appearance, much attention.Similarly, the “Hongyun Landscape” of this legendary painting is combined with the abstract mountain shadow in the core graphics of the Winter Olympics, colliding with the traditional and modern aesthetic rhythm.Through thousands of years, this landscape painting will be decorated with new design for the Winter Olympics.”It was a challenge to combine traditional and modern yamagata.”You jia recalled the design process, very emotional.Considering that “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains” has the characteristics of close-up and perspective, she led the team to carefully design the mountain-shaped pattern on “Hongyun Landscape”, combining line and surface, separating layers and enriching the content.”Each mountain shape in this dress is a combination of trial and error, and the final result is a continuous momentum of mountains and rivers.”The pattern of “Tang Flowers flying on Snow” is also inspired by tradition. As the name suggests, the main pattern of the dress consists of precious flowers and snowflakes on tang dynasty fabric.According to Chu Yan, baoxiang flowers are the classic patterns on fabrics and utensils in the Tang Dynasty.Treasure phase flowers, also called bafang wishful.It is not a realistic flower in the true sense, but a collection of lotus, peony, chrysanthemum and even traditional ruyi patterns, consisting of eight ruyi cloud heads.”Using such auspicious patterns is also a blessing for the Winter Olympics,” said Chu yan.It is worth mentioning that the velvet flower, as the accessory of “Tang Flower flying Snow” felt hat, was made by CAI Zhiwei, the sixth generation successor of old Beijing velvet bird flower intangible cultural heritage.Inheritance of thousands of years of exquisite technology makeup point award dress, will also be together in the Winter Olympics highlight moment appearance.Professor He Yang, who led the uniform design for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Entrance uniform design for the Chinese delegation for the Tokyo Olympic Games and the uniform design for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, has an indissoluble relationship with the Olympic Games.The white walls of her studio are covered with photos of costumes from past Olympics, including color analysis of sports outfits from around the world.In He Yang’s opinion, only with comparative research can we find our own characteristics better.”To show The characteristics of China is actually a visual cultural attribute, among which, clothing is a very good cultural carrier.”Whether it’s designing ground heating devices for the Shenzhou-11 astronauts or designing clothes for the Olympics, she thinks they all have the same attributes.”It’s all about showing Chinese culture to the world through clothing.””Auspicious snow clouds” in the exquisite hat design, by the attention of netizens.”According to the earliest unearthed object, the cap was in liao Dynasty, and it was very easy to make,” he Yang said.A piece of cloth equal to the length of the head, rolled into a drum, and then find 8 equal points, together……He Yang took a pen for the reporter step by step decomposition of the hat top handmade.”I hardly use the scissors. I remove them when I don’t want them. The cloth will continue to work.This is the wisdom of Traditional Chinese clothing.”He Yang said.Keep time, punctuality, save money.After years of field research, He Yang has a strong interest in and in-depth understanding of traditional ethnic costume.”The conventional wisdom, derived from long-term use, can be created in the simplest way to achieve beautiful results.”Just like a folk blue and white porcelain bowl for dinner, a blue edge of the mouth of the bowl can express the feeling of blue and white porcelain, beautiful and practical.The beauty of traditional costume lies not only in the precipitation of time, but also in the inner experience of the producer.”Good design can only become better and better through perceptual understanding and use,” he Yang said.Source: People’s Daily Online