Has the dust settled?Lenovo entered the Hang Seng index

2022-04-28 0 By

Some people say that the dust settled, Lenovo into the Hang Seng index, Zhang Jie and Sima Nan as long as several months of criticism not only let Willow unharmed, but also successfully put Lenovo into the Hang Seng index.A good company does not mean that senior executives have no problems, just as a good state official cannot have problems.Lenovo is a dichotomy. The bad guys and the bad guys should be dealt with, no matter how big the people involved and how much money they make, but Lenovo was and still is a good company.Therefore, in order to better lenovo’s development, we need to deal with some problems, not to say that because Lenovo is good, some people can be hand and eye, you can let some people run amok, or even empty lenovo, empty the country’s real economy.It is really shocking that some people lurking in Lenovo have extended their hands and feet into many industries and have the right to speak in various fields. They not only control the development of the industry, but also control the meaning of national policies and development direction, so they cannot be connived at for these people.