Nail households threatened not to open 300 million, developers away, and developers on the court

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Without 300 million, I will not move.Face those who develop business to persuade hard, magnolia square 31 host, one face arrogant ground left day price.31 Magnolia Place is in a good location and the developer would really like to take over the place for demolition and renovation if possible.House owner but by their own advantage, lion big opening, not to developers compensation for 300 million to be willing to leave.The developer had already opened the price of 10 million, but the owner did not take it seriously, put forward a high price that the developer could not accept.Finally, because both sides talk not close each rush thing, development business undertakes transformation to peripheral building according to original plan, the host of yulan fang 31, it is to stay in place, became famous nail door.Actually, yulan square 31 besides geographical position is better besides, do not have what advantage, before be transformed, the lake bei village that this house is in, it is an old village of Shenzhen area only, inside it is the old house that a few fall ash all the year round.The roads here are potholed and the drainage function is very poor, so it is difficult for people to deal with their daily waste water, only to carry heavy buckets to the public drainage area.All kinds of sewage, mixed with dirt and sundries, mingled in the communal drainage areas, creating an extremely unpleasant stench.When the wind blew, the stench spread everywhere. Even if the villagers closed the doors and Windows, they could still smell a strong stench.Therefore, villagers with some ability will try to move to a better environment to live in a place.The owner of 31 Magnolia Place has not moved because he is unwilling to spend money.In 1992, the local government decided to transform the village in the city to make everyone’s living environment better. After knowing this, the owner of No. 31 Yulan Fang was so excited that he could not sleep. He had been looking forward to the demolition and reconstruction as soon as possible.Unfortunately, the transformation did not begin immediately, but was postponed several times in succession.The owners of No. 31 waited for more than a decade for a developer to transform their village until 2011.Because of the long delay, local leaders all hope to complete the reconstruction as soon as possible. The developer in charge of this matter also actively negotiated with the masses and came up with a very generous compensation plan.31 house owner feel, oneself bitter wait for so many years, should borrow this opportunity to make a fortune, so when the developer comes to coordinate, he directly wild price, and a little refused to give in.The developers tried everything, but they still couldn’t get him to change his mind, so they started renovating other areas.Because the other users are settled with the developer, can move out at any time.In this way, number 31 was left alone, in stark contrast to the new house, which had been transformed.Seeing other people’s lives getting better and better, no. 31 homeowner worried, he turned the table and sued the developers to court, angrily scolded them against him, otherwise, why not to develop my home.31 house owners may also know that their own such wild pricing developers away, and the developers on the court of behavior, special strange, so he made up a story, looking for people around propaganda, bewitch a lot of people for their grievances.Developers feel very aggrieved, be sued after see recruit open recruit, everything by the rules.Make to finally, yulan fang 31 still did not tear down, house advocate look forward to rich dream for many years, it is a bamboo basket to draw water in vain after all.Now, this was left alone in the old house, because of disrepair, become dilapidated, it next to the house, are modern new buildings, the contrast is quite obvious.Instead of making a profit on it, the owner had to pay a lot of money to keep the house from collapsing.Many people feel that the owner of the house is shooting himself in the foot, if he was not so greedy, maybe he would have lived a good life.What do you think about that?