Outrageous!The selection standard of Chinese women’s volleyball team has become a mockery. Even Boskovic will be eliminated

2022-04-28 0 By

On February 7, Beijing time, the Chinese Volleyball Association announced the recruitment criteria and the list of players for the women’s national team talent pool, which has aroused strong concern on the Internet.According to the circular, applicants must pass physical tests, as well as height and weight.For example, the main attacker should be between 185.8±4.95 cm tall and 71.9±8.34 kg.According to the criteria of the Chinese Volleyball Association, such as the world’s best player, Serbian women’s volleyball core Boskovic can not be selected.Why is that?Because she was overweight.Other famous in the world women’s volleyball players under the standard also includes cannot put in storage, the Brazilian women’s volleyball team main force ace spiker gaby below-standard (height), the United States women’s volleyball team main force ace spiker batch (overweight), the world women’s volleyball world one of the best free castillo below-standard (height), Turkey’s main women’s volleyball team had script Hera (overweight), and so on.According to the criteria, the Chinese Volleyball Association also released a list of new players, including zhu Ting, Li Yingying, Zhang Changning and other key players of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, as well as wu Mengjie, Wang Yifan and Xue Yizi, who are highly anticipated by fans.However, Lin Li, the 2016 Rio Olympic gold medalist and former free agent of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, is not on the list, and it is unclear whether she has decided to retire or is not up to the standard.The Chinese Volleyball Association has released the selection criteria after confirming CAI Bin as the coach of the Chinese women’s volleyball team. It seems that the new training list of the national team will be announced soon.After the announcement of the squad, CAI Bin will officially start training with the team, preparing for the two most important events of this year – Hangzhou Asian Games and Women’s Volleyball World Championships.