Stop curling inside!Parents are urged to learn from Gu’s mother and let their children sleep for 10 hours

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Gu Ailing, 18, made history by winning the gold medal in women’s freestyle ski platform with a feat of 1,620 on Feb 8.There are so many labels on Gu, athlete, Stanford freshman, fashion model, gifted girl and so on.When reporters asked Gu, what is the secret of your success?Her answer was ten hours of sleep a day!She speaks so honestly that she even calls her mother the “sleep police” because of her constant emphasis on getting a good night’s sleep.Gu’s mother also said in an interview: My education to Gu is: First, sleep more;Second, learn more;Third, play more.Some net friends ridicule, finally find something in common with the world champion.Because of Gu’s unique parenting style, some netizens even miss Aite’s own mother.Some netizens are crazy recognition, while silently stay up late.In 2021, the Ministry of Education issued a notice on Further strengthening sleep management for Primary and secondary school students.Primary school students should sleep 10 hours a day, middle school students 9 hours and high school students 8 hours, according to the physical and mental development of students of different ages.On the premise of ensuring the students’ sleep time requirements, the students’ sleep conditions, lunch time and other actual conditions, reasonably determine the students’ bedtime at night, promote students’ independent management, regular work and rest, and go to bed on time.Bedtime for primary school students is generally no later than 21:20, junior high school students no later than 22:00, and senior high school students no later than 23:00.At the same time, the standardized management of online training platforms and online games should be strengthened, and technical means should be adopted to supervise, so as to ensure that the end time of online live training activities should not be later than 21:00, and game services for minors should not be provided from 22:00 to 8:00 the next day.The importance of Sleep for Children Sudden death from fatigue caused by lack of sleep is a frequent occurrence.Zhang Bin, a 36-year-old IT man with a master’s degree in computer science from Tsinghua University in Shenzhen, was found dead in the morning in a hotel rented by his company.A 25-year-old man in Guangfeng died in Nanchang after sleeping less than five hours.In 2020, zhang, an employee of Pinduoduo, died suddenly after working overtime at the age of 22…1. Sleep Well and grow Tall “Sleep well and grow tall.Modern medicine proves, the growth hormone that pituitary front leaf secretes is the important material that promotes human body to grow.It accelerates bone growth and makes the human body taller.It just so happens that the time of day when this substance is most secreted is during sleep, while daytime activities and study produce very little of it.So, enough sleep at night can make children grow taller.Related medical research shows that lack of sleep will lead to increased oxygen consumption in the brain, brain cells will be in a state of hypoxia, so that the brain function decline, it is difficult to concentrate in class, doze off.How can you be good at school?See the child’s academic performance is not good, let the child work overtime at night, during the day will not fall behind must make up.It’s just a vicious cycle!If you consistently don’t get enough sleep, it can lead to mental illnesses like irritability, anxiety, and even depression, which can lead to autism.They begin not to like to contact and talk with others, like to lock themselves in the room, resulting in weariness, rebellion and other psychological and emotional changes.1. Infancy: 16 to 18 hours;2. Preschoolers: 11-12 hours of sleep;3. School-age children: need at least 10 hours of sleep;4. Teenagers: 9-10 hours of sleep;Adults: Need 7-8 hours of sleep.For those who are used to going to bed late, children should not be forced to go to bed early. After all, “one bite does not make a fat man”.So we can operate like this!!Step 1: Establish a standard schedule;3. School time: 07:30-08:004. School time: 16:30-17:005. Homework and study: 17:00-18:306.18:30-19:307, parent-child entertainment: 19:30-20:308, wash and go to bed: 20:30-21:009, sleep time: 21:00-07:00 step 2: Communicate with Xiong Baby and formulate reward and punishment measures;Prize: one extra book will be awarded for good performance in one week (5 days can be carried out according to the rest schedule).A good performance in a month will be rewarded with an outing, which can be modified according to your children’s preferences.Punishment: one day does not follow the schedule, one entertainment activity such as watching TV is forbidden on weekends, two days does not follow the schedule, one toy will be confiscated and the toy will disappear for one month.Of course, this is the need to communicate with the child in advance, stimulate the child’s drive to sleep independently.Step three: united front, no one can release water.This step is really very important!A family must have a unified voice, a unified implementation of standards, or all previous work is wasted.Especially grandpa and grandma in the home is too serious, in the face of children sleeping problem resolutely can not let water!The last step: Lead by example.Parents should set an example, do not want their children to stay up late, to set a good example for their children.If it is really necessary to work, it is a separate room to work overtime, do not delay the child to sleep, and tell the child clearly why, to avoid the child to form a wrong perception.So don’t bring the baby tonight, go to bed early!Or else…Too late to win the gold medal in my dream!