The city’s courts to carry out discipline education and training activities for the New Year’s work “race to advance in the forefront” refueling

2022-04-28 0 By

Xiangcheng City Daily news (reporter atom special correspondent Jiang Hao) outside the window of the snow, enthusiasm inside.On February 7, the first working day after the festival, xianning court system started a week-long discipline style education and training activities, for the New Year’s work “race for the lead, walk in the forefront”.This education and training activity aims to focus on the actual behavior and ideological status of the police discipline style in the city’s courts, focusing on the rectification of problems, focusing on the 59 problems in discipline, management and style of work, and marking the spirit of “six major disciplines”, trial discipline and the eight provisions of the Central Committee.Efforts have been made to improve police officers’ concepts, legal literacy, professional competence, comprehensive quality and style of discipline by conducting anti-corruption education, political study, situation education, theoretical guidance, reporting on their duties and integrity, and summarizing and commendating them.Retrial party secretary and dean wen-feng li in education training and consolidation to mobilize the deployment at the meeting stressed that to carry out the discipline style training and consolidation is a basic requirement to carry out the comprehensive governing party responsibility, is effective to solve the current court in the city’s style of the cultivation of clean government of the grim situation, of course, is to consolidate team education of politics and law of the objective need of consolidation results, is the premise to promote the development of the court work quality guarantee.Around “rushed to carry, the court in the city at the forefront” a specific, comprehensive and profound, long-term goals and objectives, planning work, strive for new progress from year to year, every year to a new level, one of the leading enterprises in the provincial court as soon as possible the target positioning, building in the province and even the whole country “xianning court” that brand.It is reported that education training to take collective study, department discussion and police self-study combination, police contrast training content, seriously check the results, find insufficient, analyze the reason.Activities around the “race for progress, walk in the forefront” goal, widely carry out the “big discussion”, in order to implement the work “draw a good construction drawing”, in order to promote xianning court work “race for progress, walk in the forefront” to gather strong momentum, with excellent results to meet the victory of the party’s twenty congress.