The next stage is Peace Elite!Luo Tianyi with island music dance plan to attack

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Peace Elite will bring the first surprise upgrade after the spring edition!On February 11, “Peace Elite” and two dimensional virtual top flow idol Luo Tianyi’s dream linkage hit the line!There are not only new characters, new suits and new ways to play, but also a party of music and dance. Let’s have fun!Since it is the linkage of “Peace elite” and Luo Tian yi, yes, the new role of the peace elite is “Luo Tian Yi”, speaking of this name, should no one know it?Los day according to the home is the world’s first Chinese V virtual singer, although from two yuan, but now has been gradually known by Internet users at home and abroad, image cute cute personality, more has a sweet voice of healing, in the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic culture, los day to Chinese cheongsam, and sing the song “Time to Shine”,It has been loved by numerous netizens at home and abroad.The “peace elite” and Luo Tianyi linkage authorized by he Read, the classical voice of the Chinese style by He Read design, the dress to 66CCFF days based on blue tone, in order to highlight the fresh and sweet and elegant ancient temperament, in the skirt and chest with blue pattern embroidery, bow ribbon also printed with gold and silver decorative pattern.In addition to the new character Luo Tianyi, there are two new fashion “Music singer” and “electric spirit” waiting for everyone.Peace Elite also leaves plenty of room for creativity and extra rewards for special forces. Creative creators should not miss out!The first way to participate is to follow the official weibo of “Peace Elite”, and then publish your activity ideas on weibo. Note that you need to bring the topic # Peace Elite Luotianyi + Race track and @Peace Elite to have the chance to win a cash prize.The second way is to pay attention to the official B station number of “Peace Elite”, contribute the topic activity # Peace Elite Luo Tianyi #, create the related video content linked with peace Elite and Luo Tianyi is regarded as participating, and then the top 30 excellent works will be selected according to the comprehensive conditions such as video content quality interactive data and get cash reward!Good play, good surprises!”Peace Elite” also specially launched an “invitation song” “Let’s Party”, together with Tencent Music Entertainment Group “Big Play +” to create a cover by Luo Tianyi, so as to sincerely invite special forces to join the people to create and carnival music and dance Party!In addition the Let ‘s Party “this first song will move into the oasis” dance Party “kai yuan, after you join the dance Party, can not only enjoy the” single leap “, can also interact with close friends or lovers, to a wave of double dance, also have more leisure card tables to swim, believe that there has been a player can’t wait to come to a “leap”!Come on!”Peace elite” and luo Tian yi linkage has been officially online!In the future, there will be exclusive songs and solicitation activities created by famous UP artists for this joint activity. Let’s wait and see!