Wenjiang has a “Lianerli City”

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Early in the morning of March 24th, take metro Line 4 to Wansheng Station, meet wenyou and go to lianerli City by jinma River.Unexpectedly, several literary friends said: “Wenjiang is the district, how can there be a ‘city’ below?Is it a temple?”It is said that Zhao Bian from Song Dynasty is inclined to his “Early Departure from Wenjiang At Night Mooring on White Sand Walk”, which means “Lian Erli City: Xiao parting from his sons is still highly motivated.Take orchid zhao steady, line of colorful clothing kai.Yu Fu distant city, village fei half covered wood.When night came and slept on the brook, my dream was in the high room.This “Lian Erli City”, of course, is not a temple, nor is it a city market, but a market “market”.Here is a small famous scenic area, after entering the scenic area, you will see the introduction of The city of Lianerli.Baidu Encyclopedia said: in the past, Chongzhou, Wenjiang two counties were under the jurisdiction of Jiangyuan county.Ready and emperor in 555 AD, wei two years, states and salween from Jiang Yuanjun precipitation, to worship river’s bridge two demarcation county, east of WenJiang County insein township, west for snowland JinYuan county township, county, township name is changed, since the two county and township, a total of a bridge until today, “one foot two counties and one city two township”, so the local people also called it even in the second city.In fact, there is a nickname here, namely “Chongjiang Field”.There is a detailed introduction in the local annals of Yongsheng Society.In the activity of mining, the beginning of meeting Up with Jinma River selected by poet Du Ronghui is a record of Hu Huaqiang, vice chairman of writers’ Association of Du District, visiting Lienerli City.The day we arrived, however, was not the day of lienerli.I checked: the market here is three, six, nine, if you come a day earlier, you will see a lot of scenery.Here is a bridge, named Chongjiang Bridge, the name of the bridge is chongzhou, Wenjiang take a word named bridge.Cross the bridge, namely to chongzhou sheep horse town fu Hu village.But the construction of Fuhu village is obviously much smaller than the one here.Cheng Road (Chengdu to Dayi) before the repair, Chongzhou huaiyuan, Yuan tong, Liao jia and other places to Chengdu, must pass through the city, so this market is very developed.But with the change of traffic, here is less bustling.Chongjiang Bridge crosses the river called Shishi River.There is also a beautiful legend about this river.In Lienerli, almost every landmark has an introduction.This shows how local people attach importance to local culture.Lianerli city is not particularly large in area, not many people come here to stroll.Local residents eat tea in tea shops near chongjiang Bridge.Across the river there is a banner: Wenjiang eat tea, Chongzhou eat.It seemed that people living on both sides of the river could live in such harmony.On the bank of shishi River, there are agricultural culture showrooms, and a Linpan bookstore.It was a surprise to see the Linpan Library.I never thought there was a place like this.But went to see, the library closed the door, failed to see what.On the wall, however, there are local intangible cultural relics, such as nine bucket bowls.In the ancient town, there is also an intangible cultural heritage square, showing some intangible cultural heritage projects in the Western Sichuan Plain.Looking through the annals of Yongsheng Society, there are still some introductions to Chongkang Field.Such history, however, will change differently over time.This is just like what we know as Longmenzhen, which inherits a local culture.