12 year old boy weighs 190 kg!There are also high blood fat, fatty liver…All because of these habits!

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Recently, shenzhen University General Hospital received a 12-year-old patient, the weight of 190 catties.Experts remind parents: should pay attention to children’s exercise and diet, to prevent children from health problems.12-year-old boy weighing 190 jin Xiao Li (pseudonym) accompanied by his parents came to the hospital.Xiao Li is a little silent, his mother said, the child was just born a 6-kilogram baby, normal height and weight, but in the last three years, he often feel hungry, usually eat hamburger and pizza, do not love sports, like to eat snacks while watching TV, just in the last year 27 kilograms.Lv Qing, the deputy chief physician, conducted a physical examination for Xiao Li, and measured that Xiao Li was 165cm tall, weighed 190 jin, and had a body mass index (BMI) of 34.89, which was seriously over the standard.Xiao Li’s neck, armpit, groin and other folds of acanthosis nigricans apparent.The doctor then did the relevant examination for Xiao Li, and found that Xiao Li also appeared a series of problems such as hyperlipidemia, hypertension, hyperuricemia, fatty liver.Li’s mother said that although the child grew fat, there was no discomfort, so she did not think of taking the child to see a doctor. But recently, the child was easily tired, and sometimes she felt dizzy, so she thought of seeing a doctor.Siyu (pseudonym), an 8-year-old girl weighing 120 jin, loves fried food and is another young patient in the department of Pediatrics at Shenzhen University General Hospital.She is 8 years old this year. She likes to eat fried food, cake and drink all kinds of drinks.Siyu was born at 6.7kg, also normal height and weight.Since childhood, the family has attached great importance to her food. When she went to kindergarten, grandma felt that her child ate too pitifully outside, and she was even more eager to let her eat more when she came home.When she was a child, her family thought siyu was chubby and cute. However, now she is 132cm tall and weighs 120kg. She likes playing with her classmates less and less, and often finds various reasons to skip PE classes.Lv Qing doctor for siyu relevant examination, diagnosis of siyu is simple obesity, and long-term intake of high energy food and lack of exercise.Obesity is harmful, and parents need to pay attention to their children’s physical and mental health.First, genetic factors, if both parents are obese, children have about 70%-80% probability of obesity, children’s activity, eating habits will also be affected by parents and family;Second, dietary factors, excessive feeding is the material basis of obesity and childhood obesity by birth weight, premature feeding quantity and the influence of adding solid food, infant obesity can be transition into adulthood, feeding on the diet excessive, prefer non-vegetarian food, greasy, sweets and snacks, will make more energy storage;Third, sedentary, sedentary is a risk factor for obesity.Lv Qing said the doctor, xiao li and two small patients with normal birth weight, parents are normal weight, they are obese, mainly because of the high calorie diet and lack of exercise, need to control diet and enhance movement way to undertake recuperating, choose low fat, low quantity of heat in the diet food, can eat more foods rich in dietary fiber,Such as celery, leek, apple, kiwi, etc., can enhance the sense of satiety, control the effect of food intake.Exercise intensity should be gradually enhanced when undertaking exercise, so that the body has a process of adaptation.Obesity can be harmful in many ways, doctors warn.First, the psychological factors, the image of obese children and their activities are not flexible will be ridiculed by their peers, so that they are often under serious mental pressure, over time, the formation of lonely, lack of competitiveness of character, affecting learning and future career;2 it is easy to cause high cholesterol, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, digestive system disease, joint disease, pulmonary diseases such as heart syndrome, for example, childhood obesity between 10% and 30% in patients with high blood pressure, can appear serious FeiPanEr chest wall and abdominal fat increased, across, cardiac muscle weakness, limited of breath, bad breath and obesity and to sleep apnea in children.Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City reporter: Xuan Hui