Changchun Airport sincerely serves passengers’ health and safe travel

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JiLinNuan moment in the original title: plague 丨 after-sales service in changchun airport passenger travel health peace with the outbreak of the continuous change of the situation of jilin province, as a important public transport infrastructure – changchun airport in the province for the implementation of the country, the industry and local control measures and requirements, control and reduce the risk of transmission, maintain the important responsibility of the passengers and staff health and peace.To take social and corporate responsibilities for loyalty, Changchun Airport takes the initiative to serve the health and safety of passengers.Changchun airport always meeting, files, and seriously implement the higher level units instruction spirit, decorate to carry out the task, around the “prevention and control, a line, safety, service, passengers, employees” six need, called on all staff to improve the political stance, loyalty unity struggle, strictly carry out instructions, rapid and accurate information, gaze at the main business,Protect the health and safety of passengers with sincere service.On the frontline, airport ground service staff strictly follow the requirements of epidemic Prevention and Control Manual 7.3, with higher personal protection standards and stricter disinfection measures.The frontline staff of all units are fully protected. The special fleet of the airport sterilizes the vehicles and equipment every shift to create a healthy and safe travel environment for passengers.The ground service staff strictly implement the “first ask, first see responsibility system”, make inquiries flow, focus on the elderly, special passengers and other key customer groups, and effectively interact with friendly units and airlines to actively assist passengers to deal with ticket matters.Once passengers with damaged masks are found, they will be provided with high-grade masks at their request to ensure that passengers can travel safely.On March 10th, a 35-member ski team in Jilin province could not arrive at the airport on time to handle the boarding formalities. They hoped to get help from the airport.After receiving the message, the changchun Airport ground service branch set up a special counter for the team, assigning special personnel to guide passengers to check their luggage, helping passengers carry heavy ski equipment in heavy protective suits, and running around the terminal to guide passengers quickly to the security check.Their protective suits were soaked with sweat, but they smiled when they learned that all passengers had boarded safely.On the morning of March 13, the airport ground service branch contacted the staff canteen in advance to prepare meals for the passengers when it was informed that a ski team of more than 60 people would rush to the airport overnight, and distributed meals to the group passengers in a “no contact” way. The hot meals added warmth to the chilly early spring.In the hearts of the ground service staff, changchun Airport wants to put a loving exclamation mark on the journey of passengers, despite the fact that the outbreak of the epidemic has disrupted their return home.”The epidemic is a command, and prevention and control is a responsibility.”While strictly implementing the epidemic prevention and control measures, Changchun Airport has kept in mind its main responsibilities and responsibilities, acted faithfully and acted faithfully, caring for the needs and thoughts of passengers, and providing sincere services for their health and safety.China Ji ke APP reporter Wang Tao correspondent Wu Tao Yuan Di picture by Jilin Airport Group source: China