Circular on Effective Prevention and Control of COVID-19 after The Holiday (No. 10)

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As the Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end, residents and migrant workers who went out during the holiday are returning to work one after another, increasing the mobility of staff. In order to minimize the risk of imported COVID-19 and ensure the health of people in The region,The following is the notice concerning the prevention and control of the epidemic for those who return to The University after the Spring Festival: 1. All those who return to the Dragon must make a pre-declaration, scan the “Wenzhou Epidemic Prevention Code” and fill in the mini-procedure of “Pre-declaration for Returning to Wenzhou” before arriving in the Dragon;After arriving at the dragon timely landing show “Wenzhou epidemic prevention code”;Please take good personal protection during the journey. It is recommended to return to the dragon “point-to-point”.Properly keep the information of public transportation, accommodation and catering during the trip for reference.2. Personnel in low-risk areas outside the province should hold a nucleic acid test negative certificate within 48 hours and cannot provide it. Nucleic acid test should be conducted immediately at the nearest place within 24 hours after temperature arrival.3. People in medium-high risk areas and affected cities should postpone their return to the dragon. If they really need to return to the dragon, they should report to the destination community (village) in advance and strictly implement the “14+7” and other health management measures.Iv. All enterprises should set up special teams for epidemic prevention and control, report to local streets before February 7, and formulate epidemic Prevention and Control Plans and Emergency Plans for Enterprise Resumption of work;Strengthen epidemic prevention and control publicity and education and pre-job training to improve prevention and control skills and awareness of staff;We will earnestly implement prevention and control measures such as stocking-up of epidemic prevention materials, and encourage enterprises to send their employees back to their posts in point-to-point buses.5. Industrial units shall do a good job in the investigation of employees before they return to work, and the verification and confirmation of those who pre-declare “returning to work”;Establish a “one for each employee” system to keep track of the status of returning employees and their schedule, health status and plan of returning employees during the Spring Festival, and remind them to do a good job in health clocking.Carry out secondary screening of “Wenzhou Epidemic Prevention Code” for all on-duty employees to master their health status and nucleic acid testing. Under the guidance of local streets, carry out scientific research and judgment of “two checks, two questions and one commitment” for those with abnormal “Wenzhou epidemic Prevention Code”;And the implementation of “wenzhou epidemic prevention code” + temperature measurement + wearing masks, nucleic acid testing, preventive disinfection, eating at the wrong time and other normal prevention and control measures.Vi. After the holiday, all staff returning to the Dragon from outside the province shall not travel across the city 14 days before coming to the dragon, and do a good job of health clocking according to the requirements of the enterprise, scan the “Wenzhou epidemic prevention code” and fill in the mini-procedure of “return to the temperature and return to the temperature pre-declaration”;After arriving in Dragon, the staff returning to work shall take nucleic acid test as soon as possible. Only after the negative result of nucleic acid test comes out, can they be arranged to work in an orderly manner.7. All schools in the district should prepare for the spring semester, implement epidemic prevention and control measures on campus, improve the Campus Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Plan and Emergency Plan, and reserve epidemic prevention materials.All teachers, students and staff in the district insist on personal health management and health status monitoring, and complete the “daily report” of health information according to the regulations every day.Office of the Leading Group for COVID-19 Prevention and Control of Longwan District, February 5, 2022If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: