Comment | 13 consecutive years among the top shape “good man” in anhui new landmark of spiritual civilization

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The beautiful picture of common prosperity cannot be separated from the beautiful background of spiritual civilization.Since 2008, when the Office of Civilization of the CPC Central Committee launched an activity called “I recommend and evaluate good people around me”, the number of People from Anhui ranked first in China for 13 consecutive years.Guided by socialist core values, “Good Man Anhui” has set up the “anhui landmark” of spiritual civilization.”I hope that my last breath will be exhaled from the podium of three feet.”A piece of chalk, uncorrupted, anhui retired teacher Ye Lianping’s dedication to work has infected countless people.More than 1,000 high-voltage transmission lines have been put into live operation, more than 3,000 defects and hidden dangers have been eliminated, and 59 technical achievements and 43 patents have been obtained for power lines…Xu Qijin, the sixth National moral model and a “good Man in China”, has been working hard for decades, interpreting the craftsman spirit of the new era with his actions and becoming the spiritual idol of his workers.Ye Lianping and Xu Qijin are the epitome of tens of thousands of “Good Chinese people”.Since 2008, when the Central Civilization Office launched an activity called “I recommend and evaluate good people around me”, a total of 15,833 good people around the country have been included in the “Chinese Good People List”. They have set a good example in helping others, doing voluntary deeds, being honest and trustworthy, dedicated and dedicated, being filial to the elderly and loving others.”So far, five people from Anhui have won the title of ‘Model of The Times’, 25 have been elected as national moral models, and 1,601 have been listed as’ Good People in China’.”Comrades in charge of anhui Civilization Office said that The number of anhui’s national moral models and “Good People in China” ranked first in the country. They come from all walks of life and have become the “anhui landmark” of spiritual civilization.The power of an example.Now, Xu Qijin has set up a studio to pass on his experience and skills to his apprentices without any reserve. More than 200 apprentices have become dedicated technical backbone and cultivated several “advanced knowledge-based workers of central enterprises”, “scientific and technological models” and “technical experts in the national power industry”.Gas maintenance worker Xu Hui and the “Xu Hui Holiday Team” initiated by him have not only volunteered for door-to-door maintenance and security check of tens of thousands of households, but also helped widows and empty nesters in pairs over the past 20 years.In Anhui, volunteer service organizations led by the “Good People of China” and moral models have gone deep into urban and rural communities and fields, leading more than 2 million social volunteers from all walks of life to meet the diverse, multi-level and multifaceted needs of the people, demonstrating the power of role models.Professor Zhang Biao, director of the decision-making advisory Department of the Party School of anhui Province, said that when the phased goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects is completed, the realization of common spiritual prosperity and the construction of a new form of human civilization need to use the Chinese spirit to gather Chinese strength.It is an important task for the construction of spiritual civilization in the new era to guide the ideological and moral construction with the advanced models around us and to build a civilized atmosphere of advocating the advanced and seeking common ground.”At that time, the family was in urgent need of a sum of money to develop breeding.I tried to apply for ethical credit on my phone, but I got 500,000 yuan in the same day.”Hu Jianmen, who was awarded the “Good Man of Anhui” award for saving an elderly man from drowning, told Banyuet that he was encouraged by the kindness he received from the society, and that he did not want to return the favor.Only by advocating heroes can we have heroes. Only by striving to be heroes can we have heroes in large numbers.Anhui strengthened the construction of long-term mechanism and planted fertile ecological soil for spiritual civilization.Perfect the operation of effective discovery mechanism, set up advanced model.Focusing on the discovery source of good people around, Anhui explored the establishment of an effective discovery mechanism, so that the recommendation and evaluation activities of good people around vertical to the end, horizontal to the edge, hot at the grassroots, hot in the masses, and strive to make every good deed around the masses are not buried, the real excellent moral model selected.We will improve the publicity mechanism and establish a new moral atmosphere.Make short videos and micro films of ordinary people’s kindness, carry out activities of good person model entering campus, establish provincial and county level good person hall…Anhui vigorously carries out the study and publicity activities of moral models and good people around, and promotes the publicity of spiritual civilization at the grassroots level, online and in the heart in vivid and diverse innovative forms, so as to guide people to strive to be practitioners of lofty morality, guardians of civilized customs and creators of a better life.Construct praise mechanism, set up value orientation.In terms of spiritual reward, preferential treatment in policy and political care, Anhui constantly improves the reward mechanism of “courtesy to good people”, and builds a benign ecological environment of spiritual civilization by setting up the value orientation of the whole society to worship morality and be good.In recent years, anhui province has issued more than 1.2 billion yuan of moral credit, benefited more than 6,000 people, and elected representatives of various models and advanced models to the people’s Congresses at all levels and served as members of the CPPCC.Half month talk reporter Faye Wong