Embarrassed!Men and women in the same hotel, women: We are the champions

2022-04-29 0 By

On February 6th, the Chinese women’s football team made a miraculous comeback, beating South Korea to win the Asian Cup for the ninth time in 16 years.So far, The Chinese women’s football team has won 20 championships, all the Chinese in India congratulated them, now they return to their own country must be welcomed by the whole country.Of course, there are also some extreme fans, some people set off fireworks in the middle of the night, only to find out that the women’s football team does not live in the hotel, and the men’s football team does not live in the hotel, which is embarrassing!The men’s soccer team did not harass, the women’s soccer team did not welcome to, repeatedly complained only that hotel guests.After winning the Asian Cup, the Chinese women’s football team has taken a chartered flight back to China, arriving in Shanghai at 8:00 PM on July 7. The whole team will then go to Suzhou for quarantine, and may live in the same hotel with the National team for “14+7” quarantine.To add to the embarrassment, the women’s team will be quarantined at a hotel in Suzhou, where the entire national team is currently being quarantined, according to a blogger named Northwest Wangblewu.Do not know Yan Junling see women’s soccer door god will not because he is regent and blush, do not know Wu Haichen see women’s soccer captain Wang Shanshan will not because of his hide the ball and blush, do not know Vietnamese Wang Shanchao see women’s soccer fullback will not because of their big leak and blush.But as a blessing in disguise, the men’s team also got an opportunity they had never had before — the closest chance to an Asian championship and a chance to smell it.Despite all the speculation and accusations, the men’s soccer team seems unfazed.According to Beijing Youth Daily, after the match against Vietnam, the National football team returned to Shanghai in the early morning of February 3, Beijing time.Over the past few days, the internationals have been resting and adjusting.During this period, some of the international players took the initiative to go into the hotel gym for training.Ten additional players joined the national team on July 7.All 32 international players participated in the outdoor training on the afternoon of August 8.The training lasted about 90 minutes and involved jogging, body pulling and hoop grabbing, as the players also battled.After winning the Women’s Asian Cup in India, China’s men’s national team was pilloried and even bluntly criticized.From the training point of view, the international players have not been affected too much, the attitude of training is more devoted.In the last two rounds, The Chinese team will probably send more youngsters and add more coaches.At present, the coaching team of China is composed of coach Li Xiaopeng, assistant coach Pepe, Chen Yang, Zheng Zhi, Gao Yao, Li Leilei (goalkeeper coach) and Wilke (physical fitness coach).Before the launch of the Manchester City sun Sun Jihai is expected to return to the Chinese team and the team to travel to West Asia.You’re looking for someone else to take the blame, aren’t you, Prefect Li?Since when, the men’s soccer team opened the non-stick pan kick, opened the self-protection kick.Once Wu Xi is also a desperately three lang, in order to block the ball will break his nose bone, once Zhang Linpeng is Ramos, dare to tackle in the forbidden area fierce, when Yan Courling is also a generation of door god, but now doing things panic.What, in the end, has made them once energetic, into today’s timid veteran?