“Lucky money” | “get” lucky money “, that means you grow up.”Mother said

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Article | Tang Xia author introduction: Tang Xia, the blue cloth male, cooking wine at large, people listen to xiao tea, ink river’s lake.Contact for the first time in my life this is called “money”, should be on the first day when I was about six years old, remember the sun is shining in the morning, it was a snow came out of the window in addition to birds pass in a tweet, also from time to time with “double bang firecracker” and the sound of firecrackers, strong of sulphur in the clean and pure and fresh air stirs a high taste.Mother gently wake me up, pointed to the pillow, I stretch out my hand to touch, the original is eight 5 cent coin, brand new, shiny coin, children under the age of six although not fully understand the significance of money, but can be exchanged for sweets, can buy a toy is know, skid up, I listen to every mother taught me:”Five ones add up to fives. What do two fives add up to?””Ten.””I said, snapping my fingers.”It’s a ten, or a dime.””How many dimes do you have?”I put my head up and counted for a long time and answered resoundingly, “Four corners.””Getting lucky money means you’ve grown up.”Mom said, “You will get lucky money every year until you grow up and work.”The nickel lay open in my hand, big like silver because it was small, shiny like diamonds because it was new.Later with the growth of age, New Year’s money also grew up in a year, from coins into paper money, from one to several pieces, and finally into a “red envelope” wrapped in red paper.Always thought that the elders give the children New Year’s money, is to give the blessing of the younger generation, until later know the origin of New Year’s money to understand, the original intention of New Year’s money, more is the meaning of warding off evil.The origin of lucky money is closely related to jiaxing.Legend has it that in ancient times, there was a husband and wife in Jiaxing prefecture. Because of their old age, their child became the apple of their eye and they treasured their precious.When it is said that there is a monster, called “special” black body white palm, specially in large thirty night out evil children, if they are touched it with his hand over the sleeping child head, frightened child will cry, then had a high fever said balderdash, originally clever children will become crazy fool, so in the New Year’s eve, people are afraid of “special” scourge that child,They lit up the lights and sat around without sleeping, called “keep from”.Saying this year’s eve night, the tube name of husband and wife “special”, while playing with children, spent eight COINS wrapped in red paper, open bag, bag, until the children playing tired asleep, they dare not sleep, two people sat down next to the children, but will be eight pieces of copper wrapped in red paper put aside in the child’s pillow.In the middle of the night, suddenly opened the door a gust of wind blows out the lamp, “special”, see the “precious” and dark, pale hands to the child’s head, tube surname couple but shook with fear, just at this time, children under the pillow filled suddenly shot a red light, the “special” surprise, hurriedly quit screamed and ran away.Second day tube’s husband and wife told to ZhongXiangQin the pile wonders, from now on everyone to learn after dinner wrapped in red paper on eight copper on child under his pillow, so never “precious” scourge that child was lost, the original eight pieces of copper is changing from the eight immortals, to protect the child in the dark will be “special”, so people call it “special money”,As “sui” and “sui” homophonic, over time it became “lucky money”.Pressure because of “special money” town of the original intention was precious exorcism, so special moulds COINS appeared in the han dynasty in the shape of a ward off evil spirits, such as on the front of the coin casting “long live the century”, “world peace”, “bullet in addition to the fierce” blessing words, such as at the back of casting have longfeng, turtle, snake, Pisces, swords and stars and other auspicious patterns, can enjoy wearing, and have the special name,It’s called “winning money.”With the change of times and the evolution of culture, the original intention of New Year’s money to ward off evil has been gradually forgotten by people, and blessing wishes have become the main content. Children send New Year’s greetings to their elders, and elders give “New Year’s money” to their younger generation to wish their children safe growth, which has evolved into an important traditional etiquette during the Spring Festival.The evolution of the custom is very interesting, New Year’s money from evil, from the han dynasty to the tang dynasty, the blessing of loose money, must be used to give “lucky money” is not “money”, big literary giant su shi to the ambassador’s son is a common ink stone, carved and “into the way often if temperature, if this person is often surprised, this money is often thought to, in this prison Chang Sisheng” yan Ming to stimulate son,If you can find this ink stone today, it may be the most valuable lucky money in the world.”New Year’s money” is the children most look forward to the New Year’s gift, for thousands of years, New Year’s money is generally used by children to buy firecrackers and candy toys, like the Qing Dynasty Wu Manyun in “New Year’s Money” a poem said: “one hundred and ten money to wear color line long, points to pillow from the collection, discuss firecrackers talk xiao price, Tim jiaoer night busy.”Today, with economic development and social progress, the traditional custom of New Year’s Money has been endowed with new and more content. It can cultivate children’s ability to control money from an early age, establish the correct concept of money and financial management, and let children know how to be grateful and repay. Even for parents, it is also a legal education.The Civil Code of the People’s Republic of China has clear provisions on how to dispose of such property. Interested friends may wish to have a look.–END