Many things grow on purpose that never grow

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Intentionally planted flowers do not open, inadvertently inserted liu Liu chengxing comments “the World” of 7 ~ 8 sets of text/Li Huaming figure/network Zhou Bingkun’s mother and Qiao Chunyan’s mother two people together directed a drama, two old people to achieve Zhou Bingkun and Qiao Chunyan good, to send them two people into the palace of marriage.In order to fulfill their own wishes.However, things are unpredictable, intentional flowers do not open, inadvertently inserted liuLiuchengyin scene staged again.Zhou Bingkun qiao Chunyan did not feel, to send to the good indifferent, left Cao Debao accompany from already, Qiao Chunyan left in the cold.Who knows Cao Debao drunk sex, but in the middle of the night into qiao Chunyan’s bed, the performance of a born rice cooked mature rice embarrassing tragicomedy.Fortunately, Cao Debao and Qiao Chunyan love each other, simply two people with a night of passion to finish the love period, become a real lover, Zhou Bingkun also unloaded package qf e, three people also be happy.The scene of many open, accidentally LiuLiu rows of comedy, is not uncommon, in the special s lack of material at that time, people in love in a marriage that is not the pursuit of material, have an affinity for men and women as long as two people, sometimes as long as both sides held the quilt together, send relatives and friends a few lumps of sugar, even married.In this situation, it is almost impossible to find out the name on the house, car, property ownership certificate and so on. It seems that the love between men and women is not the main thing.How are qiao Chunyan and Cao Debao, a pair of willows, getting along?We’ll see you later.