Onepiece: onepiece is the great secret, but it has another meaning, one that benefits the world

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Hello, I’m spider.Onepiece the heat of this cartoon should be no more to say, and onepiece king this name is actually translated from China, and onepiece king’s real name is onepiece.This name must be familiar to everyone, but not many people know what it means, or almost none.The meaning of onepiece on the Internet is basically equivalent to onepiece, which is also brought by the great influence of onepiece, and the original intention of onepiece is a scattered piece, a piece of meaning.Fake onepiece is “onepiece”?The name onepiece has been very famous all over the world, onepiece has been launched more than 20 years ago.Over the past 20 years, Onepiece has stood out from many of its rivals and even become the most famous and followed anime in the world.Onepiece is what you think of when you think of onepiece.In the interpretation of the netizens onepiece is actually has a variety of meanings, some people say that Onepiece is the meaning of the King of Thieves and some people say that onepiece is actually the meaning of the last great secret treasure, in short, or different.But Oda teacher certainly did not think so at the beginning, because oda teacher was not sure at the beginning of the pirates will definitely fire out of the circle, so onepiece actually has another way of interpretation.Is the real onepiece “Donepiece” or “Worldpeace”?Onepiece is actually not a complete name, onepiece itself means a scattered piece.But onepiece would be complete by adding a single letter to it, and that letter would be the D of the D family.Donepiece is actually the complete name of One Piece, and the meaning of the word Donepiece is also a complete piece, we have to say that Oda teacher has already planned to add the concept of Done family to the plot of One Piece.Which of these two guesses do you think is more accurate?Now, that’s true. The people who can change the world, the people who can make the world more complete are the D’s.The present great voyage is not complete, because a hundred years have been lost in history, and the mission of the d tribe is probably to dig out the history of the buried one hundred years.That’s what Roger did and that’s what Luffy does now.The world is destined to be perfected by the people of the D race, and that is the true meaning of Donepiece.In addition to this speculation, there is also the speculation of “worldpeace”, which translates as, let the world of pirate king always live in peace, I am afraid all creatures hope, and this is the most precious of the great secret.Which of these two guesses do you think is more accurate?That’s all for this episode, and you can leave comments if you have different opinions.I am a small spider, a chat about animation, collection of hand do enthusiasts, like to pay attention to me, we will see you next time!Article: small spider huan chat animation, collection of hand do enthusiasts, like to pay attention to me, we see next period!Text: little spider