Russia sanctions list includes Chinese Taipei su Tseng-chang still in ‘foolish complacency’

2022-04-29 0 By

The Russian Federal government has approved a list of unfriendly countries and regions, including China’s Taiwan, Russia’s TASS news agency reported Wednesday.Some experts and scholars who are familiar with international diplomacy expressed their concerns, such as Jie Wenchi, a senior Foreign affairs official of Taiwan, who worried that the “Taipei Representative Office in Moscow” might be forced to close, and the Taiwan authorities must handle it with caution.But the DPP authorities are apparently indifferent.According to Taiwan’s economic department, the trade volume between Taiwan and Russia only accounts for 0.76% of Taiwan’s total trade volume.Su Tseng-chang, head of the Taiwan administration, said, “It is not unusual for Taiwan to join partners of democratic and free countries in imposing sanctions on Russia, and to receive such reaction from Russia.”The implication, quite some “seek benevolence benevolence” of proud color.Green camp politicians are even excited about Russia’s “counter-sanctions”, such as Lin Jingyi, deputy of the Democratic Progressive Party, calling: “President Putin’s certification, one in one!”The problem is that the title of the document by the Government of the Russian Federation is “Unfriendly Countries and regions”, indicating that there are both countries and regions on the unfriendly list;In addition, the word “TAIWAN” is followed by the parentheses “CHINA”, which means TAIWAN is part of CHINA.However, Green Media automatically blocked the information, deliberately misleading the public by claiming that “Russia officially recognizes Taiwan as a country”.The green camp’s supporters were overjoyed. Even Su Zhenchang joined in, wondering what he was doing.Natural gas imports from Russia account for about 10% of Taiwan’s total natural gas imports, and coal 16.6%. The importance of Russia to Taiwan’s energy deployment cannot be underestimated.But Taiwan imports only 1 per cent of Russia’s gas exports, a huge difference.Taiwan’s sanctions against Russia will trigger retaliation from Russia, which will surely have a negative impact in the long run. How can the DPP authorities be so relaxed and even complacent?It’s like a duck in July and a half.