Samsung removed the “Z” from the product name in some European countries, but left the Ukrainian website untouched

2022-04-29 0 By

After the escalation of the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine, many technology giants including South Korea’s Samsung suspended supplies to Russia to express their opinion, and now even made articles on product names.Samsung’s official websites in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have removed the letter “Z” from the foldable phone series “Galaxy Z Fold3 5G” and “Galaxy Z Flip3 5G”, SamMobile website reported on March 29.Interestingly, the name of the foldable product on Samsung’s Ukrainian website is still Z.The foldable Galaxy Z Fold3 5G originally included the letter “Z” in its name and a prominent “Z” on its packaging, according to previous release information.On March 29, IT information and user exchange sites including SamMobile and MSpoweruser found that Samsung’s official website in the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania had updated the product name.Update “Galaxy Z Fold3 5G” and “Galaxy Z Flip3 5G” to “Galaxy Fold3 5G” and “Galaxy Flip3 5G.”But it seems that the search recommendations haven’t changed yet.SamMobile said the discrepancy in the URL and product page proved that the modification was recent.Interestingly, the letter “Z” still “survives” on Samsung’s Ukrainian website.Earlier, according to Russian Sputnik news agency reported that after Russia’s special military operations against Ukraine, the frequent appearance of letters on Russian military vehicles caused concern.The letter “Z” stands for “victory” and the letter “V” stands for “power of truth” and “the mission will be completed,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.Therefore, the letter “Z” in the eyes of many foreign netizens, has become a sign of “support Russia”, many enterprises are also criticized because of the letter “Z”.Louis Vuitton has been criticised for looking like a ‘Z’ in its logo, with Swiss insurance company Zurich removing the brand’s ‘Z’ logo from social media to avoid criticism.There was no official word on the name change, which SamMobile described as a “low-key change.”The ‘Z’ has not yet been removed from the foldable phone’s name in other Countries, and Samsung has not announced whether it will change the name globally.SamMobile believes that Samsung’s move is another statement on the Russia-Ukraine situation.South Korea’s Yonhap News agency previously reported that Samsung had suspended supplies to Russia and provided the equivalent of $6 million in aid to Ukraine following the escalation of the conflict.In the foreign electronic product user forum, many netizens expressed puzzlement.”Stupid.””What happened to the human race!They may have to remove ‘Z’ from the alphabet next lol.””I wonder when we lost our common sense to such absurdity.”This article is an exclusive article, shall not be reproduced without authorization.