Sichuan bamboo industry “14-5” start into the fast lane

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High-quality development of bamboo industry and construction of beautiful bamboo landscape line are practical measures for Sichuan province to strengthen the ecological barrier of the upper Reaches of the Yangtze River and promote rural revitalization.In 2021, under the leadership of sichuan Provincial Party Committee and provincial government and the joint efforts of relevant departments of Sichuan Province, the bamboo industry in Sichuan will present a good situation of solid foundation, sufficient momentum and high efficiency.First, the comprehensive output value of bamboo industry continues to grow.The comprehensive output value of bamboo industry in the province reached 88.71 billion yuan, an increase of 23% over the previous year.The output value of primary, secondary and tertiary industries reached 18.57 billion yuan, 39.31 billion yuan and 30.83 billion yuan respectively, up 17.4%, 21.9% and 28.2% over the previous year respectively.The comprehensive output value of bamboo industry in Chengdu, Guangyuan, Dazhou and Bazhong increased by more than 30%.The second is to improve the quality and efficiency of modern bamboo industrial base.In the whole year, 170,000 mu of bamboo forests were newly built and over 420,000 mu of bamboo forests were renovated, with the area of bamboo forests stably over 18 million mu.A new modern bamboo industrial base of 710,000 mu was added, bringing the total to 10.23 million mu.Third, the processing and transformation of products improved significantly.There are more than 2000 primary processing points and more than 400 intensive processing enterprises.It processed more than 500,000 tons of bamboo shoots, 9 million tons of bamboo strips, 2.3 million tons of bamboo pulp and paper products, 14.4 million pieces of bamboo furniture, 8.3 million pieces of bamboo weaving and bamboo crafts, 230,000 cubic meters of bamboo wood-based panels and 440,000 square meters of bamboo flooring. The processing conversion rate of bamboo products reached 71%, 3 percentage points higher than the previous year.Fourth, the construction of bamboo landscape line to upgrade.There are 36 new bamboo forest families, 4 bamboo scenic spots and urban bamboo gardens, 18 bamboo corridors (Bamboo Avenue) with a length of more than 260 kilometers, and two hundred-mile bamboo corridors, “Yi Changxing” and “Naxugu”, have been completed.811 bamboo tourist resources have been newly discovered and identified, and 3 4A-level bamboo tourist attractions, 1 3A-level bamboo tourist attractions and 15 bamboo tourist attractions have been successfully established.Fifth, the infrastructure in the bamboo area has been improved.More than 800 kilometers of roads in the bamboo district have been rebuilt, totaling 17,600 kilometers.The facilities of forest fire prevention, disease and insect control, Internet communication, water and power supply, safety protection and ecological toilets have been strengthened in the bamboo scenic area, the green bamboo corridor and the bamboo base.Muchuan county built more than 280 kilometers of bamboo road, the density of bamboo road network increased 16 percentage points.Sixth, orderly progress was made in brand cultivation.22,000 bamboo-related trademarks were registered, and “Qinggod Bamboo Weaving” and “Daoming Bamboo Weaving” were protected by the State Intellectual Property Office as geographical indication products.The successful hosting of the 11th Chinese bamboo culture festival and the 2nd China (yibin) international bamboo industry development summit, “big bamboo sea” tour development league success to join international organizations such as “bashu culture tourism promotion alliance”, bamboo sea scenic area in the beautiful Chinese stamps, (3) improve the “sichuan bamboo” reputation and international influence.(Chen Hongquan) Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: