The Memorial Hall of lanzhou Office of the Eighth Route Army held themed activities to welcome the Winter Olympics and celebrate the Spring Festival

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Farewell to the old year, laugh in the New Year.An activity themed “2022 Winter Olympics and Spring Festival” was held in Jiuquan Road, lanzhou, Jan. 25, 2018. The activity was sponsored by lanzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and organized by the Memorial Hall of the Eighth Route Army Lanzhou Office.During the activity, 30 young volunteers expressed their joy by writing “fu”, sending Spring Festival couplets, putting together tiger pictures and cutting paper-cuts.There was also a question and answer session related to red culture, in which children actively participated and won prizes.In the games related to the “Winter Olympics”, we work together, hand and brain, cheer for the Winter Olympics athletes.This activity, the combination of Chinese traditional culture and red culture, let everyone experience the charm of Chinese traditional culture at the same time, understand the glorious revolutionary course of the motherland, carry forward the spirit of the older generation of revolutionaries.In the New Year, the memorial hall of lanzhou Office of the Eighth Route Army will continue to play the role of red education front, ceaseless red blood, inherit the red gene.Lanzhou Daily all media reporter Hua Jing